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5-Minute Pie Crust (No Rolling, No Equipment)

My 5-Minute, No-Roll Pie Crust! It will save you LOADS of time — especially during the holiday baking season! You make it right in the pie pan (and it happens to be dairy-free!). Written recipe: http://bit.ly/NoRollPie

This homemade no-roll pie crust is absolutely genius. I guarantee you’ll never pick up a store-bought pie crust after making this and seeing just how simple it is! 

My 5-Minute Pie Crust, or a “pat a pan pie crust,” actually comes from a traditional Amish recipe taught to young children. It’s perfect for kiddies who want to help out in the kitchen, and for those who love baking but rolling out a pie crust has become too much ache for the hands.

Another bonus? This pie crust is dairy-free! You still get a lovely flakey pie crust though, because of the oil. If you leave out the sugar, you can make a savory pie with it. And! You can even use gluten-free flour instead! 

How can something so easy be so perfect? 

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Recipe: http://bit.ly/NoRollPie

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