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We Making Pancakes! – Vlog *Failed Horribly*

Cooking is definitely not our strong point. Now we know it’s not as easy as it looks.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys what are you doing what I was Iwas I was hidingactually welcome video today we’re inour get a little cooking via for youguys we’re gonna cook some pancakes fromscratch of course and we’re gonna takeyou guys a lot of widows so keep onwatchingok guys so we’re gonna choose ourstations[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]thank you so we’re supposed to mixeverything together all right that’s agood thing because mommy told you thatyou’re supposed to not mix you whatcountry did[Music][Music][Music]I just try and crush somebody’s pocket[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]now I’m supposed to be my pancakes[Music][Music][Music]so these things but what we know Eitaninterestboy[Music]I think my needs to flip soon I willlet’s see if I can get it you burnt itexcuse me don’t wanna burn[Laughter]and I made three pancakes so far andthere’s only one that’s in the plategood lucks let me eat them this specialthat is very hard to work with yesthat’s it the burden is that I said butthat’s for surebring disgrace here I don’t think youare the company time I’m so afraid of noI know it I was not that I wasn’tcompeting I mean a perfect cooking[Music][Music]so I have this in the meanwhile you cancontinue with your cosmetic pancakeslike this spoon so big they can eat frombig spoonhey guys this is my last panting let’stry me this one the best oneI think this makes more okay guys I’mgonnano they’d like you to love me these aremy pancakes and muddycome on ice don’t criticize it nice oneright there so I’m done and I’m hungryso I’m gonna eat toofinally I’m done I can’t eat I have beenwaiting for thesebeautiful nice round yes you guys sowe’re finally done making all pancakes Idon’t know we’re gonna set the tableI finally follow it I starve belly justour book book club so[Music][Music][Laughter][Music]later guys end of the video we test onpancakes we think we me don’t buy mealright also you think win me of coursemy question you bad guys don’t forget toLike share subscribe I’m chance videoyour friends I’m in love below pancakesif you enjoyed the video also the checkout our other videos on our channel andwe’ll see you in next one bye

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