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How to make pancakes with a golden edge

Just add water//Quick pancakes

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Video Transcription

Hey hey guys welcome back to lifeWhitney I want to do a video on how tomake the perfect pancake so I’m gonnastart with my butter put the butter inthe pan I have some pancake I’m alreadyready to mix pancake mix I already mixedit up and everything[Music]that was a lot so I took that he’stouched a piece out nice and hot for mypancake mixand this is gonna be a quick video thisis just I’m gonna make a couple pancakesand wanted to show how I do my pancakeshow we get that nice outer rim a nicecrispy edge on a pancake set that i’lleverybody likes well i don’t know ifeverybody liked it but i show do love itnow wait for a few more bubbles to formbefore I even take the spatula and lookat it wait for these to popupbeat pop okay so that’s the indicationto me that they’re ready to be flickedit’s ready it’s ready it’s ready let mecheck in just a few more minutes orsecondsokaylook at thatsome butterI like my pancakes buttery so after Iflipped it I just added a little bitmore butter insidedo one at a time because I don’t likewhen my pancakes get stuck togetherokay so that’s done I’m gonna do onemoreI am so hungry trying to think about whymy soul going hungry I’m already makingdinner then I realized I only had a bowlof cereal today all their bluff thesepancakes Samhe’s gonna wait for some more bubbles toform in the middle gotta let the pancaketake your time and do its thingand these pancakes I use is the AuntJemima complete buttermilk sauce youhave to do is just add waterthis is itjust add water and you get to go and letthese bubbles pop and then I’m gonnaflip it okay now I’m gonna flip it lookat that yesthen I’m gonna add the other one backjust to make sure that it’s still warmwhen I eat itand to make sure that the butter is allnice and up there here that assthe first one kind of looks like aMcDonald’s pancake they always getbetter the first one always comes outnot as great as the second then I havemy my mama butter rich yes I hold theewith the syrup and me having teammm-hmm there you goand your mom already complete butterrich pancakes I hope you guys enjoyed myvideo thanks for watching bye

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