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vlogmas day 13//make pancakes with me🥞

I will vlog/video everyday in December or till Christmas day☺️

Some might not be as exciting as others since I have school most days🤪

12 days till Christmas🎄

tiktok: Kayla.jensen06
Instagram: sunflowerbaby06

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning guys it is December 13thwhich means it’s a bug mistake 13 andthis morning all I’ve done is get readyfor school so much for you guys myoutfit that’s tEEN TOP this jacket andthe jeans no more demands but I’llprobably do you guys after school likeyou do every dayoh yeah if he knows so I just got it ascrew it’s pretty little bow I got apiece of pizza for a turkey drive so nowI’m heading homeI’m so tired I’m ready to go home and Igo to sleep so yeah yo what’s up okay soI off from school a little while agoit’s 5 o’clockand now I am just getting a drink Ihaven’t done much I should go do myadvent calendarafter I pour this at allall I’ve done is like meat eat dogs andwatch Netflix okay that’s a very dark ohI need to clean my room so bad myfriends are coming over tomorrow somesoup something smells weirdwhat is it I don’t know what it issomething smells weirdoh my god what is that smelloh it’s got a great ideayo what’s ahead okay let me go grab me Igot a face maskI got a snowman hydrating face maskmoney chocolate as victoriously 13 kindafirst it’s evil snowman so no tenpercent of battery why are you closingalright let’s try this again it’s a snowcapyou try okay well I’m gonna go watch onethat’s like probably it’s Friday I knowif I said that is fried I’m gonna getdown private but I’ll be is it currentlywatching Netflix I can’t see what’scrack-a-lackin’ so it is seven o’clockin we’re gonna make some pancakes we’regood people people um so I’m grabbingall the great dance right now bake withme again move pancakes but I’m actuallyprobably do a time-lapse most of thetime should we do waffles the pantiesin my moody waffle makerstop join whatliketoyeah don’t put half I didn’t really grabthe wrong one you OPN if you want babyEmma we should be closing food if youare the end up engaging is on my tenderrequest my chariot get the doors off meso it is 11 o’clock now I didn’t vlogmuch today I’m sorry about that but allI’ve done is clean my room that’s aboutit so I think I’m in the vlog here youguys can’t even see me but whatever sothank you guys so much for watching makesure you guys hit that subscribe buttonand the like button I’ll see you guystomorrow for vlogmas day 14

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