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Today’s video it’s more of a weekend with me.
There is alot of cooking in this video. Cooking is one of the things I enjoy doing alot and so I decided to share some stuff I eat and cooked over the weekend. 🤭

Please grab yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of juice and enjoy this video 😘
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Video Transcription

good morning it’s actually not morningbecause it’s 1208 I woke up at around10:00 I have a very very very messed upsleeping schedule which I’m very veryproud of myself aboutbecause I have been waking up for thelast two weeks and a half at 6:00 a.m.and I wake up at 6:00 a most of thesedays in the morning it’s raining so Ican go to jog so I just stay in bed gothrough my phone by the time it’s even 8a.m. we shall choke Alicia or Nikhil apitch on Tommy applaud your deck helucky Tony Sean a continent elected tonew news of Synod so itjust just missed out my days were longmy microwave and longer because I amrunning shoe only you know so I justhave to I just had to mess up that to bea Jew stays I’m sleeping at your own 12like 6 p.m. and making up at around 10even 11 so I just woke up everybody indetails their part big for usit just don’t feel like I need to havewhat they have had so I want to makemyself some fluffy pancakes I feel likeby the end of this quarantine once youfeel like two children your economy musthave perfectly cooking and makeupbecause that’s the kind of content thatI’m consuming a lot so I’ll show you thestuff that I’m going to be using andalso case if you ever eaten waffles fromthe penis this just sweet chocolatesyrup they add on top of your waffles oryour pancakes[Music]perfect so I’m also going to make that Ithink I’ll start with that then othersTim loves everything guys misty cheflike a bit on this how are you handlingor how you holding on doing thisquieting season you know me this weekhas been messed up I don’t know it’scause it’s been that time of the monthcreate a net to post any way to youlater but I feel like my week husbandmay stop it be meI’ve been shooting and I’m so sure allthose videos that are shortly sweet theywill not make it to the face of theinternet because I’m just Eckstein andI’m like up and get them IV up and getfor Navy like they are not making it yaknow make it so I’m seconds like shootit’s Friday so I’m shitty mica we can’tbe doing these videos thoughplease rub yourself a cup of coffee orsome juice or something nice to eatstacked exchanger so let me show youguys what I’m using before okay ifyou’re single and you’re living in yourown house be careful okay how are youare doing during this season 50 we arefilming in this house not on me but I amalready in my room and I’m always boredaware 8 you’re in the housewell one thing that I am telling all myfriends and I also want to tell you guysis that take care of your mental healthat this point in time though most of uswill come with on this parenting messedup like a hundred percent messed up sotake your mental healthlike guard your mind and also guard yourheart at this point you have all thetime to think of evil things not all thetime to just think of bad thingsso just take care of your mental healthas you can feel continuing to learn ofmy head I just feel like my head is sotiny and God when you let me show youguys what I’m my recipe not marry myingredient what am using amazing blueband self-raising flour cause I don’tthat mixing mixing thing making powdersyou free what what but if you haveall-purpose flour and you have bakingpowder and baking soda you’re good to goI’m using my vanilla essence some milksome sugar some salt and egg and for mychocolate syrup I’ll be using my cocoaand yes so let me go a got my stuff[Music]it’s never I feel sorry I can’t undo[Music]Jason[Music]you decide[Music][Applause][Music]nevercan you ever feel somethiscan’t enjoy look at the mess look at themess anyway we move on regardless sothis is how my button looks like it’slit too thick to know she was too thickor too light and I want to buy ateaspoon of oil[Music]so that tell me what alerts I think I’lllet it settle as I let the excess partfrom that risk then I make my chocolatesyrup let me show you how I’m going tomake my chocolate syrup it’s so I’ve puthere three tablespoons of cocoa powderguys you can just eyeball these it alldepends with you and I’m using therecipe from me in the kitchen this is Ithink one and a half tablespoon then Ineed some meal I lose just a little milkand some water so let me show you howI’m going to make it first we need toseebut I’ve just saved to my son[Music]so here are my pancakes here is mychocolate syrup and I want to make sometea some lemon tea Oh[Music]you decide[Music]how’d they taste chef Lee’s chef we’veno 1407 and I started making my pancake1208 two hours later but Amy my missusthey’re nice my mom says they’re nicehe’s gonna check me like I’m coming outof this crime scene a cook I just feelso proud of myself today because I amproductive today is Friday at the end ofthe week is when I’m starting to beproductive but I feel so fine so nicebecause literally Thursday and WednesdayI’ve been in bed the whole day so todayat least I did something unique come onElim can meet you at least I dosomething so let me go have my brunchkind of branch you know then I wanted todo my makeup I don’t know because I’mtrying to learn some new cut creaseskills I don’t even do them today if Idon’t I’ll see you guys tomorrow for thecostume tomorrow I’m leaving the housein like four weeks I have somethingimportant I have to do so I guess I’lltake you guys with me so for now let mego enjoy my pancakes they are nice theyare bombed at home so I’ll continuepracticing on this crazy cut creaseuntil I get there as you can see today Ireally did a good job and there aresomewhat uniform with this other one solet me close my eyes so that you can seegood morning hi guys how are you doingso happy and I’m like wow learning umcompromise I guess what I’m eating in mymind I was like Kylie Lucas events ofjumping to joke blah blah blah 937 hmm Itried we try next time so today’sSaturday I’m meeting someone today ataround 12I guess I’m also going to the marketwith my mom so I have a couple of thingsto do today at least today I’m leavingwith the house in four weeks I’ve notleft the house I’ve really been obeyingthese stay holding and a bit paranoidthat I’m going I’m going out but since Ihave to anyway I’ve been postponing thismeeting for some time but today I justhaveI have not washed my face so if you havethings on my face I can’t the lightinghere is still perfect so I’ll see youguys probably when I’m leaving the houseor when I’m preparing now from here guysI have not dressed up for like 4 weektoday I am dressing up literally to goto the market and meet this person so Iam going to dress up like dress down soI’ll see you guys train you my OTDI’m here to share my OTD have not evendone my skincare you can see we have apimple right here you know it’s thattime of the month so breaking out ofthis skin is she didn’t be a big deal soI’ll just lay down my hair and paka somegel on my edges to lay my edges so I’mwearing this top that idea wired sometime lost here that’s how it looksI’ll make sure to link that video in thedescription box so please go check itout then I’m wearing this blue jeansthat I got from thing twice I feel Ifeel bigger I don’t know I can you seejust feel bigger I just added a belt Ifeel like this is not basic to go to themarket but anywho when you get theopportunity to dress up this time justdressing up food big bump Society yes soI’m just going to do my skincare laydown my edges for shoes I’ll go with thePuma featuring Rihanna those are theshoes I’m wearing to date guys I toldyou I’m taking this opportunity to dressup like I’m not going to waste thisopportunity to do that next time you’retalking to me so anyway I’ll stock upwith you guys laterhi guys I’m heading home and it’sraining heavily then go to her I’m goodmy mama picked me up with wine andgetting a shower again the kitchen iseating eating areaexciting morning so I finally figuredout our event so today I’m making theshort escape I’m a bit tense so I don’tthink I’ll do the whole process oncamera I’ll do it off cameramaybe I’ll post it on my Institute’s Idon’t know if if I feel confident to doit I know but if I don’t I’ll make sureto show you guys the results of the keyI’ll make sure to do that it’s my firsttime baking though hope it doesn’t gosouth and the kid doesn’t come out wellso I’m hoping for the best and yeah it’scurrently 1049 I’m having my breakfastI’m just having some yogurt because Ican’t reach it is that cake honestly Ican’t reach and my hair looks around ourcity looks terrible I keep this Quraan Ineeds to end but I feel like afterCorona I’m just going to do somethingreally really crazy this here economynew nation like you only live once butAtacama you’re only living one make sureyou live the right way so am i doing mylife the best way I can like I believethis life the best that I can so anywayI’ll see you guys after I’ve done I’mdone with my cake so I had forgotten totell you guys the recipe that I’m usingis from kids it’s kids each an affairI’ll make sure to write her name righthere and also get the video for thechocolate cake on the description box soin case you want all the ingredientsknow how she mixed everything I’ll besure to link it in the description boxso that you can check it out guys canyou see the mess in this kitchen justsee everything is so messy so here’s mybutter whoa it looks so nice on camerachocolate so I’m currently preheating myoven it’s always there and yep yep andI’ll show you guys when my cake is doneI feel like I’m kind of feeling bad thatsweet or confident enough to record thewhole thing I wish I knew but anywayuntil next time make sure to recordnext time so that they were not bakingand this is how I lookla all over my face let me show you withloads just kill their business so it’sparent you turn 55 guys I’ve had towatch this whole kitchen again no it’slike some organized kitchen so I want tomake some lunchand now we’re going to be eating somefries and some salad that’s because inyour age but you’re cut finish acommunal so as we wait for our case it’slike two minutes revealing good so hereis my kick it’s all done in we also myfries are done a key Mina’s get to likeall manner of bad foods I just called meCujo congo Cujo Congo only cooler[Music][Music]so here’s my lunch I told you guys MimiAllah Chocula yo tambien Maya is justcalling me Liz I’m here for you I don’tmake anything so I’m having some saladlike tuna and I catch embody someketchup my fries and my coke coke Idon’t know why I’m I am craving cokeevery single time but anyway so now Ijust want to watch Kofi and Karimit’s a enemy on Netflix it’s a showNetflix and enjoy my lunch guys I’ll seeyou when I cut the cake so that you cansee how it looks inside I’m just lettingit cool down a little bit as I enjoy mylunch so guys look at how moist myKiki’s oh love it it is so good let’ssee my niece’s reaction for the cakewhat do you think there’s my niece’sreaction so let’s go get my mom’sreaction for the kidshow is my kick so of the whole day kindof staged a must so I’m going to beusing the taking one charcoal mask fromGranier who’s meI am not so religiousbut I tried to be religious miss Kikievery time I can but Xinhua we will beregardless I tried no I’m saying soapparently I forgot to do an outro I gotreally tired and just took my wholeafternoon relaxing so guys if you reachat this point watching my video SantaSangha Baraka subscribe if you haven’tand see on my laptop[Music]

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