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How to make Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes at Home | Recipes for Quarantine

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Here is my favorite breakfast during quarantine!
I hope you like this recipe! One more tip: To make the pancakes more fluffy, add even more baking powder!
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Video Transcription

[Music]today I’m gonna show you how to make oneof my favorite breakfast of all timethis recipe is the whole-wheat bananapancake so first things first these arethe ingredients that you need to makethis tasty treat first you need 2tablespoons of sugar 1 tablespoon ofbaking powder with a pinch of salt Ihave an extra pinch of salt in this youneed 1 mashed banana one cup of wholewheat flour I’m using whole wheat flourbecause other than my de because I’mgoing to have a healthier breakfast andthen melted butteryou need an egg you need vanilla essenceand you need 1 cup of buttermilk so youneed to take the mixing mixing bowl youneed or you also need a mixing bowl anda spatula so you take you take an eggyou the egg and then you break it andput it into the mixing bowl and thenonce the egg is in the mixing bowl takethe way another wet ingredients thebananas and put it into the mixing bowlso first we’re mixing the wetingredients as you can see and you wantto mix it until it reachesyou want to give mixing it until itreaches a textured where you I’ll showyou the texture when you will get thattexture you can be ready to add the wetdry ingredients you need to mix verynicely you know until you get a certaintexture I will show you what the texturelooks like and and then you can be readand then you’ll know that you’re readyto mix the dry ingredients and then youshould add some many lessons after it’s[Music]mixed a bit and then you’re ready to addthe dry ingredients so take the 1 cup ofwater put a bit of it in at firstactually put the whole thing in and thenadd the sugarand then add the baking powder mix a bitand then and then once it becomes drylike this add some butter lookjust a DAB in just add that much firstand then if it’s then you can add morebutter move depending on the texture ofthis and then add some more butter nowbecause it’s extremely dryI mean if the buttermilk is not enoughyou can also add some milk but I wouldprefer gotta move because it makes thepancakes more fluffy and soft I willshow you after it’s done and then afterit’s done it should be very soft andsmooth and should fall like this this ishow you know when it’s ready and nowfurther you should leave it to rest forabout 10 minutes so that the ingredientscan observe each other[Music][Music]and then we wait for the pancake to bewelland now we just have to wait for thepancake to be welcomed when the pancakeis welcome and when you flip it to theother side the pancakes texture shouldbe in this color it’s well cooked nowyou now you just have to transfer it tothe fuel plate and now you can add sometoppings now I can add some toppingslike honey first then the final step topit with some raisinsthere you go here is the whole-wheatbanana pancake I hope you will enjoythis recipe because it’s one of myfavorite breakfasts so thank you byeyou[Music]

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