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Two Ways to Make Gluten Free and Vegan Fluffy Pancakes

Hey guys!

Welcome back to I PINK IT! I hope all of you are staying safe during this corona virus quarantine time. I know it can be tricky to find joy, when we limit our social interactions, but take this opportunity to tap into your creative soul and do more projects at home.

This is going to be my goal for this time, to try recipes I’ve been wanting to make vegan and allergen free, yet I haven’t had the opportunity to do it before. The first one I wanted to attempt were Vegan Souffle Japanese Pancakes, however, as you can see from the thumbnail I didn’t quite get them because the texture is different (egg free and gluten free recipe).

Yet, I got a delicious recipe for gluten free and vegan fluffy pancakes using the same technique. Very simple to make at home if you make it like the first attempt, however, if you wanna challenge yourself try the second attempt. The good thing about this video is that I was able to compare two styles of making fluffy pancakes and both turned out to be delicious!!

I can’t wait for you to give it a try at home, gotta love some happy accidents and just creating a recipe on camera. I was inspired by two ladies to come up with this version of an allergen free vegan fluffy pancake, the Minimalist Bakery who I love and Ddulgi’s amazing souffle Japanese pancake tutorial. This recipe is egg free, dairy free, peanut free, soy free, oil free, nut free, and gluten free.

Hope you love this video.



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Video Transcription

hey guys we’re going back to my thinkingmy name’s Avery with all this extra timethat we have from quarantine and feellike it’s the perfect opportunity to trynew recipes so I’m going to challengemyself today and try to follow atutorial but I’m going to veganize thisrecipe that’s right I am going to dealwith them this will play vegan pancakesthere are no tutorials out thereand it does make sense because theJapanese make them fluffy they look soprettythey have over some of my Pinterest andalso my jutsu feel they beautiful I bewatching a few of these videos and Ican’t wait to give it a try I try thisrecipe last week let me tell you itdidn’t go well but I feel like afterwatching this other video from theminimalist Baker I think I got thesecret ingredient I needed to make thisrecipe possible sir regardless I thinkwe’re going to end up with an amazingfluffy pancake recipe it might not be asthick as you’ve seen it with theJapanese technique but I am excited togive it a try and hopefully get me great[Music]to make the pancake mix you will needtwo tablespoons of apple sauce 1tablespoon of plant-based milk 1/2 ateaspoon of vanilla extract 6tablespoons of flour in my case I’mgoing to be using this pancake andwaffle mix make sure that you saved yourflour so it’s easier to mixer with allof the wet ingredients same applies forthe 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder youwill need to add into this mix so yourmix is going to end up looking more likecookie dough that is perfect are youtrying to make threes of left yes rightnow I’m going to go ahead and do thehardest step alright if you have neverattempted to make frosting with veganingredients you are in for such a treatit is actually very difficult to make Iwas following the recipe from theminimalist Baker yet I can get it rightthe first time and it’s because mycoconut milk as you can see here thisone is hard but the one that I had firstwas really quick so if it’s liquid youwon’t be able to create your frosting ifit’s hard like this you also will not beable to get it out of the can so what Iwould recommend you is that 30 minutesbefore you make the frosting open yourcan in check whether that is liquid ornot if it’s liquid and put it for 30minutes in the freezer and usually goodthis one I left it in the freezer for 4hoursI forgot so I’m not able to use thatthank goodness I have another can so letme check on that one to see how it’slooking alright so this is the only onethat I have I think I’m going to have abetter look trying to use it yet I’mstill gonna leave it in the freezer for10 more minutes and then I will start tothe remaining frosting10 minutes later and this is how mycoconut milk is looking honestly itneeds to be more solid yet I want togive it a try and as you canis way too liquid that you will not beable to make frosting however I waspretty lucky that the other can that Ileft in the freezer for four hours got areally solid and I was actually able toget it out of the can and as you can seeI’m getting a better consistency[Music][Applause]to finish this frosting you will need toadd six tablespoons of powdered sugar[Music]the next step is to mix the frostingwith the pancake mix[Music]as you can see in these mini clip theconsistency that I have looks a verydifferent to the one that I need to makeso flat pancakes this is because I’musing allergen free ingredients thishappens all the time when you’re tryingto veganize a recipe you might not getthe right consistency yet you canprobably get the flavor or a really niceexperiment so let’s hope that if I don’tget the souffle pancakes because it’slooking like you want to happen but Idon’t want to give up quite yet but if Idon’t get it I have a feeling that it’sstill going to be a good pancake recipe[Music]the trick for the souffle pancakes is tocover your pancake and also keep addingmeats however I feel like this one isnot going quite well so let me startfrom scratch and try againfor my second attempt I’m actually goingto use these egg moldI voted three weeks before discovering Iwas allergic to egg so I never used theone thing I noticed from the previousfail attempt is that the pan that I wasusing didn’t quite cover the wholepancake so I’m gonna change and seewhether this is going to make it betterfor the next few seconds I proceeded onadding more of the mix covering thepancake adding more mix covering thepancake over and over[Music]I did it six times and I also kept shapein the pancake so it wouldn’t look verymessy[Music][Applause][Music]alright guys these are actually not theresults I was looking for this oneactually came better you can see thatit’s very thick yeah this other one youcan see that it’s fluffy as well as thisone so let’s go ahead and decorate thesepancakes all right guysindeed I get some pancakes no a big notD like a fluffy pancakes actually I didhowever I can’t wait to try these in seewhether they taste good or not[Music]colder hey this is the lineup throughyes strike first the thinner ones sothis is a stack of – wow I’m definitelyaware this recipe againwell this is good I was just trying tobe a little creative Wow I think this isthe intent of my soufflé pancake let’stry itmm-hmm oh my gosh well okay this is alot better I feel like it took meforever to get that one attempt that’snetbankingbut wow it’s a softer probably becauseit’s thicker but a while okayoh my gosh this is so good see this iswhat happens in life even though youdon’t get exactly what you want the endresult might be even better than whatyou expect that because wow these aredelicious and oh my gosh guys I need tolike really do finish this package theyare so good and can’t believe these arevegan and these are gluten-free theseare so free these are not free exceptfor the coconut but this is such adelicious alternative to pancakes if youwant to give it a try to make sure thatyou tag me on all of your posts becauseI can’t wait for you to try this recipein thank you so much for these twoladies you’ve seen the videos thatinspire me to use part of their recipeto create this one which is now going tobecome a staple for my breakfast and youguys haven’t subscribe make sure you dolook at this part down all you need todo is click this red button down yourscreen thank you so much for supportingif you love this video please give athumbs up you know it wasn’twhat I wanted I’m glad that it was abeautiful accident and this turned outto be delicious so I can’t wait for allof you to give it a try at homesorry guys it’s like so cool especiallythis so play attempt one this is are notsucker it does take a long time to makeit possible it has you saw in the videoI had the best luck when I use the moldotherwise I feel like who wouldn’t havegot it what it cut but it’s all abouttrying making sure that you don’t giveup just because you didn’t get this oneright it doesn’t mean that you willnever get it right because I know thatif I keep trying eventually I’ll be ableto make a supply pancake that iscompletely vegan free of all myallergens thank you guys for watching Ican’t wait to see you next week with anew video and if you’re a little brathome make sure that you do whatever itis that you were putting on hold becauseI know this time might not be the besttravel to go out believe me I amstruggling yet I have found time to dorecipes and just to create things thatI’ve been putting off my list and now Iget the time to do it so I hope you guysalso do the same in a Kuwaitis you nextweek with a brand new video thank youfor watching thank you for subscribingdown your screen don’t forget tosubscribewithout win over Italy withoutsubscribing any give it a thumbs upleave me in comments below and I’ll seeyou next week bye guys

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