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Two Crack Heads Make Pancakes

Wow a video, look at that

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

she is recording me pancake okay pinkytime yesgood clean watch yourselfif you want me to let’s dive right in todo a half cups you go one cup a Watteau[Music][Music]all right and now we make the pain stopmaking one big pancake[Music]okay we got this okay okay oh my god nookay no it’s fineyou just cut off one of the littlechunky parts okay first let’s do alittle bit coins if indeed what okay soI think we have to grab one ball okayokay okay yes oh it’s gonna break it’snot ready yetwait okay there’s your things okay justpush it back together yeah you it’s allBinkley Oh No still no more fit togetheryeah clean this off pause the videoyou’ll hold my phone Anika I panickingwait just to evaluate you make it

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