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Project b.inggris how to make pancakes

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Video Transcription

hey what’s going on there I’m pies fromItaly today I’m going to show you how tomake a page so what are you going to eatfirst is 100 gram of floor some sugarand a male color to grain eggs a cup ofwater and finally a condensed milk forthe toppings firstly crack the eggs intoa bowl then feed the egg until creamylike you see a new stream and second atthe floor[Music]two tablespoon of sugar[Music]some milk powder and finally add somewater mix all the ingredients until thesoft and firm into a pancake dough whenthe ingredients is mixed and turned intoa pancake dog heat the frying pan into amedium low flame sprinkle a few flake ofbutter on the frying pan pour thepancake on the frying pan and make thepancake look circle cook for about twominutes or until the pancake look goldenflip the pancake and cook the other sideuntil cook[Music]when the pancake is cooked remove thepancake from the frying pan and put thepancake on the plate your repairrepeat this step equally and cook asmuch as you want the pancake to be[Music]finally pour some condensed milk and puta cheese on top for toppings but wedon’t have to so he’s gonna pour thecondensed milk[Music]serve immediately before the pancake iscold[Music]that’s pretty much how you make thepaper in Friday and[Music]

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