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Music: “Fluffing a Duck” by Kevin MacLeod

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Video Transcription

hey awesome humans I hope you’re having
a great day today now let’s start this
video because too much so I thought I’d
be ambitious today and make some
pancakes from scratch it’s growing
what kind of like Frankenstein’s pancake
is this it’s growing in this tiny pin
right well I want to stop growing like
this side is losing bend down to get
something almost my hair in the burner
here isn’t flammable right so I set the
last pancake on fire I’m really good at
bubbles are happening if you’ve ever
wondered what level of stupid I possess
I’m making pancakes on a 90 degree day
and not only that I’m wearing jeans and
I most definitely have the wrong sort of
spatula thank you for this job I don’t
even think this is called a spatula
I love being an adult it tastes like a
fluffy cloud of goodness I should
probably put this one I was going to
make pancakes

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