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Social Distance Kitchen – Let’s make Pancakes!

In our first video, learn to make pancakes without a box mix—it’s really easy. Easier than figuring out how to shoot and edit this video was 😂 This is the ultra simple recipe that I’ve been using since I was a child, and comes from my grandmother! I like my pancakes with butter and maple syrup, but you may also enjoy honey, or jam, or a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a squeeze of lemon! Keep happy, keep healthy, and bon appétit!

1 cup flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 & 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup milk (or any non-dairy alternative)
2 tablespoons oil or melted butter
1 egg (alternatives: 1/4 cup applesauce, or a well mashed banana)
Oil or butter to grease the pan.

Optional: a handful of blueberries or chocolate chips can be a fun addition!

*These can also be made with an equal amount of all purpose gluten free flour plus 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum.

Questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer!

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Video Transcription

hi everybody and welcome to the socialdistance kitchen my name is Kelly andthis is a little project I’m startingjust as something we do because I’m atheatre person I’m an actor singerdancer around creative person also apastry chef and right now thanks to theKovach 19 outbreak I am out of workwhich means I am mostly at home and Iwent to the grocery store to pick up acouple of things and was when I walkedin i realized that thanks to otherpeople’s panic buying there wasn’t anybread and I thought oh no big deal Istopped at home I could make bread andthen I realized that a lot of otherpeople have no idea how to do thingslike that I have friends who never cookat all I know people who are just sointimidated by the idea of cookinganything besides crafting or a cannedsoup and I thought well for once Iactually have a useful skill set so I’dlike to do something to help that theskills that I don’t have is videoediting so this video that you’re aboutto see a little learning curve but we’regonna figure things out together anywaybuckle up make sure you wash your handsfor at least 20 seconds and get readycuz today we make it pancakes so let’stalk dry ingredientsthis one’s easy we’ve got a half ateaspoon of baking soda a teaspoon and ahalf of baking powder and if you don’thave both you can do just two teaspoonsof baking powder it’ll still work thisis a half teaspoon of salt and twotablespoons of sugar and last but notleast a whole cup of flour so I’m justgonna mix those together and that wouldbe your dry mix just like what you wouldget in a box if you were buying a box ofmix at the grocery storenow that our dry ingredients aretogether let’s move on to wet stuff justso easy this is just a cup of milk andyou can also use any non-dairy milk hereif you would prefer two tablespoons ofeither oil or melted butter and an eggI’m so glad I got to show that off ittook me forever to learn to do thatone-handed now we’re just gonna whiskall this together until it’s the eggsbroken up easy thanks to just take allof the wet stuff you mix together anddump it into the dry stuff you mixtogether and mix it again just untilit’s not lumpy anymorea few small M Serpine there that’s doneand ready to go I’m just gonna let thatsit for a few minutes while my pan warmsup so the best pan for this for mostpeople is probably a nonstick pan I havea cast-iron pan because I’m just sort ofan extra like that but really I could doturn this guy on to about medium heatand then I’m gonna leave it until itwarms up probably just gonna take aminute or two this is the point where ifyou want to get really special and addblueberries or any other fruit you’vegot lying around or bananas or chocolatechips do that cool you have to greaseyour pan you can use oil if you’d likeanything that doesn’t have a lot offlavor like canola oil or just a plainvegetable oil or you can be like me andused a big water butter because buttermakes everythingmake sure you close your butter orwhatever oil you’re using all around andcover the whole pan and there we’reready to start making some freakinpancakes so this is how I make all mypancakes I’ve got the same size a ladlemakes its soup fling that guy in just awarning the first pancake almost neverturns out so if your first one comes outshells dreadful don’t panicthat’s what always happens anyway youknow basically once your pans hot in oilyou throw in a bit of dough and youstand there anyway eventually you’llknow what pancake is there I need toflip over when the little bubbles in thetop of it start popping but they don’tfill right back in again there’s nothingworse than trying to flip over a pancakeand it just falls apart and goes for whyyou never realized how long it takes apancake to cook until you’re recording apancake cooking sweet godso the bubbles are starting to pop nowbut they are filling back in prettyquick so I’m gonna give it anothersecond or two here this guy looks readyto flip I’m gonna go for itoh wow that actually doesn’t look so badfor a first pancake I am a littlestunned I guess that happened just so Ican show off for you guys it’s a miraclehurry up okay I’m gonna step away fortwo seconds just to grab a plate tothrow this on to when it’s done thesecond side doesn’t really take verylong to cook it’s just a matter ofwaiting till the bottom of it is broughtout and look-see quickfameless’ you’ve got a pancake you don’thave to recoil the pan at this point youcan just go on making themmummy pancake baby poo yeahthe separation of conjoined twin twinsis always a terribly difficult matterlet’s beginwell that was unsuccessful Hodgewhatever made a mess still a pancake thelast pancake so incidentally even if itseems like you’ve made a ton of pancakedough and you can easily double thatrecipe if you need to don’t worry abouthaving leftovers because even if youdon’t eat them all pancakes aresomething that you can pop in a ziplocstick them in your freezer and two daysfrom now just heat them up in yourtoaster and they will be perfectly yummyand there we go your very own homemadepancake breakfast is all good to go I’mgoing to leave some notes on this videowith things like handy substitutions foreggs if you can’t have them and also howto try and do a gluten-free I haven’tdone that but I know how in theory butyeah in the meantime keep safe can helpkeep healthy and Bon Appetit

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