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S1 | E1 Homemade Pancakes Vs. IHOP | Cooking With Soull

Chef Soull will be comparing Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes infused with a Dragonberry Rum Syrup, versus the infamous Original IHOP Pancakes. In this episode we will highlight how inexpensive and more convenient it is to cook your own. Especially, if you want a large quantity.

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*All purpose flour
*Baking Powder
*Baking Soda
*1 Large egg
*Canola Oil/Vegetable Oil
*Dragon Berry Rum

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Video Transcription

[Music]what’s going on yeah welcome to cookingwith salt issue boy soulja got me callme chef solo solo drummer it doesn’treally matter before we get started Ijust wanted to give a little bit ofbackstory about me I’m a softwaredeveloper I’m a music producer and I’malso a chef a private chef as you cansee but today we are going to befocusing on cooking pancakes I want tokind of take it easy before me dive intothe real complicated stuff especiallyfor my beginners but anyway we are gonnacompare a hot pancakes let your mamapancakes I mean everybody kind of grewup on that with the box however I didn’tgrow up with that with the box I grew upin a my regular homemade pancakesmama whooping it up in the kitchen sothat’s what we’re about to do today bythe way homemade pancakes let’s get intoit and I almost forgotsubscribe like and comment and don’tforget to hit the bell for notifications[Music]alright so we’re gonna start our lastsit with that legend mama grant end upwith this I’ll probably turn this alongfor I think it’s him we got this this ismy only competition I would say recipeis it’s pretty good like I stillprobably eat this but I mean thehomemade ones are way better anyway backto the real the Rosalisten you start your is gonna start onwith all-purpose flour put it in herelike soafter the all-purpose flour we’re gonnaput in the sugar they’re gonna do allthe dry ingredients first there’s goingto be some liquid in here as well littlebit of baking powder little bit of baconnot too much this is a specialingredient similarly if you’re allergicto cinnamon obviously I don’t suggestyou try you’ll assume in taking cinnamonout where the cinema does and just anice flavor all together we’re justgonna have a sodasometimes I had this and the song isgonna give it just it’s a lot of sweetyou know so the song is gonna give youlike a little bit of a little bit uh offsick you know car anyway we’re going touse the buttermilk NYX wanna stir it uplike so my mom you do stir it up so weget a nice consistency until that nicesmooth tension is all lumpy and bumpyright nowso let’s start with these strawberriesand I’m going to cut up somerobberies vertically the presentation alittle bit of sugar down and I’m goingto put the sliced up pieces strawberrieson topI’m gonna have[Music][Music]and I really wish my fellow youtubers tosmothers me after this month I heavenbut like I said you Father I see now butI’ll tell you a little bit of backstoryabout this Rome strong aroma searchsauce my boy chef Scottie can be filmingmy tagging down below on the rightfollow him mahadji for any inquirieshe’s also a private show that’s my boysince college but uh he did a little ofthe stark sauce and I had a non staticit right to but III infused mom with adragon berry sauce that’s the onlydifferencebut uh I’m pretty sure both of thesedoes another try it[Music][Music][Music][Music]seeI got my groove sit on about 350 to 400in SS 3 it’ll probably take about liveit too early more bubbles right here andbefore we flip it we’re gonna put alittle bit of oil down so they can bemore on the side as well and they canhave the same texture as it did on theother side so as you can see the bubblestarted to up here and we have some moreoil on this side so we’re just gonnaflip it on this sideperfect it’s a quick and easy flip okayit’s just like this you don’t want to dotoo slow because it’s not gonna come outright and you don’t want to do it toofast because it’s gonna splash outeverywhere like it kind of did on thisside my apologies but it’s still almosta perfect pancake this looks way betterthan what’s it called up uh how’s yourmomma not going oh say but you noticethat I just grew up like this so that’swhy I like this[Music][Music]that’s the consistency I wanna see rightthere if your pancakes don’t look likethis right here did they not paint cakesman they flapjacks remember that it’sthe samenotice how I’m moving the spatula I’mgetting all of the the oil Marcus sothat is a look at the bottom and I’m notwasting any oil just what you callmaking love[Music]you see I like to kind of drown mypancakes so I might put a little bitsurf all over this last but not least[Music][Music][Music]that was about five dollars lower costabout $2 sure there’s a cause that muchall the ingredients together you’rebasically probably come a day in thesummer you down here below the totalarea because they just take two spongesright is this definite a situation justhold may pancakesthey don’t taste like a cake fight realcake pancakeonce you go make these homemade pancakesyou would not go back in kids we’regonna break it down in a little bit staytuned let me do so water so I can goahead and taste the real pancakesturns on water like a shot at home incase they’re really do all rightwhat a moment we all the way superCantonese[Music]okayI’m not even exaggeratingthese taste heaven to the buttermilk tothe fresh-cut strawberries to the dragonberry room so he’s really all in thecert if you put the cert on these ahapancakesthese aha pinkies would still be trashedbut I think isn’t giving a little bitmore flavor to the butter nice andfluffybut still firm at the same time justperfect it’s perfect doesn’t have to tryitwhew subscribe like and comment if youenjoy this video in 1 and check out morefeature recipes make sure you hit thebell down below and I will see y’allguys[Laughter][Music]you

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