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How to make Donut Protein Pancakes // plus your own healthy jam topping // EASY & DELICIOUS

How to make Donut Protein Pancakes? In this video we’re showing you how to make delicious pancakes in the shape of a donut. Our topping: a healthy home-made jam. Easy, we promise.

Our pancake mix is High in protein, low in fat. Tastes Delicious.

Recipe: Donut protein pancakes with your own healthy jam.
How To Make Donut Pancakes
1. Add 100 ml of milk into the shaker.
2. Add 4 scoops of Skinny Pancake mix into the shaker
4. Add a drizzle of oil into a pan
5. Once the pan is hot add half the mixture. Cook for 1 min on each side. Use a shot glass to cut out a hole in the middle – you’ve got yourself a donut pancake!

Lets make our healthy Jam
1. Add 100g of Summer Fruits to a hot pan. Poor in half a cup of water. Leave the jam simmer for 3 minutes
2. Add one teaspoon of honey & a thin sheet of gelatin
3. You’ve made your jam, now pop it in the fridge & let it set for an hour!
4. Its now time to decorate! Add a teaspoon of water to the coconut yogurt & use as a glaze over the pancakes. Ta dah! You’re done 😊

Original of the video here

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