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Procedure Text : How to make pancakes 🥞

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Video Transcription

hello everyone how to make pancakespancakes are good for breakfast not onlytake on ten more and then he to do allactivities in your typethey are also[Music][Music][Music]okay step 2[Music]little ehyou have my heartmy son you’ll have my homemy control with you I never mix all theingredients until smooth[Music][Music]okay step three have a frying pan withmedium high cap step four add somebutter or vegetable oil step 5scoop the pancakes batter by us in alittle step 6cook until it is brown on the food sideus then put it in a plate step 7continue till all the pancakes batterare out just remember to add more butteror vegetable oil[Music]I can’t forget theeverything when I say he told you[Music]you’ll see okay[Music]when all the panties are cooking you canadd some toppingI am prepared to do chase chocolatetrail and strawberry jam on top of thepancakes as the topic[Music]

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