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Part 3 Making pancakes

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Video Transcription

part three so kids you need a grown-upfinish to put the oil pan and put thefire in story hellofirst you need to pour the oil thenLeila for my offering she can look forthe pancake the pancake thing that wejust made part 1 in part 2[Music]and so now that the packets here and youcould see in the edge that’s cookingreal fastoh and actually we need to be careful toturn it around good job[Music][Music][Music][Music]if you liked this video give it upthumbs up thumbs up subscribe and ringthe bell if you like it please no hatersyou don’t like don’t put the bat we’rekidsnow we kids but we’re bacon[Music]and all we need is a parent camp totaste good that’s my greatest helphopefully get a mess up cuz we justwasted our time and for the reef[Music]

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