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P5 Term 2 Unit 1 Listening – Making pancakes

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to mrs. Young’s kitchenhi mrs. YUM I’m going to have a partytoday what can I make for it you canmake pancakes they’re easy to make thatsounds goodwhat ingredients do I need to makepancakes you need some flour some eggssome butter some baking powder some saltand some milk how many people will therebe at the party let me think I invited12 friends but only nine can come andI’ll be there of course that’s tenpeople in total okay let’s make twentypancakes then how many eggs do I needyou need five small eggs I’ll write thaton my shopping list how much flour do Ineed you need one and a half cups offlour you need two cups of milk as wellas four butyou need 4 tablespoons also you need 1/2a teaspoon of baking powder and aquarter of a teaspoon of salt what elsedo I need to make the pancakes you needsome oil to fry them in – besides youcan add some strawberries to thepancakes hmm about ten of them so how doI make the pancakes okay you must have agrown-up to help you first you need to

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