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Cooking with Jaylah – How to make “minnie mouse” pancakes!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

picnics what is this welcome back so mytime blender thingamajigger broke downso friggin easy this I don’t like tomeasure my mouth so I just put a littlebit in there and then we’re gonna putready this one is just to add water Iadd milk and I add butter and at thattime 1/8 just for my flavor[Music][Music][Music]which I don’t think will be gettingMinnie Mouse so will be getting MickeyMouse pancakes right yaynow I’ll show you is how we make herMinnie Mouse pancakes I went ahead and Ipreheated and I could heated my thinggrimy my pancakes okay c’mon ask me alot of pancakes nice I’m warm now we’regonna add time to it and then we’llperfect I don’t have Pam but I have thiswhich is the same thing we just get itbe careful to turn this on[Music]this and wallah I tried to show you guysit’s kind of hard to do with one handoh that’s a little big but that’s whatshe requested for so we’re just gonnaleave that click until you see off fullycovered in bubbles we know it’s ready toflip when it’s like this we know it’sready to flip our pancakes are aboutdone so I’m going to go ahead and takethem out yummy and this is our endresult now are you gonna this is whatshe loves I they don’t come out perfectbut oh that one wrong what is that yummyyummy white dreamless she’s wonderingwhat happened to Minnie Mouse ear itkind of went wrong baby you know morechocolateyummy time to eat how about I get you afork someone’s really enjoying herMickey Mouse pancake is it good yeah

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