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My *quarantine* morning routine!! Making pancakes and talking about my daily vitamins!

This is my current morning routine. Making breakfast, taking my vitamins, and what cleaning schedule I follow.
Hope you enjoyed this video!

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Pancakes 🙂
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I use iMovie to edit my videos and record everything on an iPhone XR.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]I finally slept through the night it’skind of late[Music]you gonna go in[Music][Music]did you do this did you leave this messguess I’ll be doing this this morningtoday it’s cleaning of the day iskitchen thankfully I just did all thedishes what would you prefer loading orunloading the dishwasherI’m morning okay cuz I prefer loading itI don’t know I just I hate unloading thedishwasher I feel like it’s more tediousthan loading maybe because you have togo to like all the different spots likewhen you unload also like a deep on alaundry bathroom day supposed to betowels we’re doing towels today and[Music][Music]I can feel like it shouldn’t be likesuper d3r at the soap I think I’m justgonna use[Music]I just don’t want to come so thesestraws I love them they got them avocadooil is great cuz it and I’ll link thisto I got it off of Amazon it’sflavorless it has a super high smokepoint and dales in the laughs and whenhe seizes I’ve been watching this Lakethis guy on YouTube name flame City andhe’s all about like good quality foodalways talks about like how canola oilis so highly processed and we usuallyusewhy is this so dragony man look a wackoover thereI don’t know I think that Ida is like atotal of two cups of batterI guess this qualifies as likeinterestingyou need to bubble they say that youneed to flip when it bubbles and startsgetting like curved it’s sealed it[Music]okayso please don’t punch don’t touch don’ttouchall right I have this yesterday and Ijust wanna reiterate this okayOh beautiful okayvideo from yesterday hey so I wanted toexplain like the vitamins but I takeevery day just a little bit more I’lllink them in the description down belowno one that I try to take every day isthis probiotics and I got it on Amazonand it’s on sale right now for sixteendollarsbut anyway it’s supposed to be good forlike your digestive system and regularyou know and you take two capsules everyday there’s 60 capsules this is not mysecond bottle so then the next thing Itake every day is this joint supportformula Prime it’s by isotonix which islike a supplement made by a company thatDaniels mom does like a side job for andit’s got different things that aresupposed to be really good for yourjoints and I have a bad knee because Itore my ACL two years ago this one seemsto help so that’s nice and then anotherthing that I take sometimes is thisBramall Lane and I guess braum lean issupposed to support the body’s naturalhealing process promote up the fullself-help I haven’t done much researchon this but I still take it I feel likeit’s kind of like a like a BCAA in theway but it’s something that you can takelike not necessarily doing there rightafter your workout and then finally Ijust take some vitamin C so yeah thoseare the supplements I tried to takeevery day and he’s all better and I likeenjoy taking mom but I share those withyou and I will link them in thedescription down below so that if youwant to try them too or if you want tosee whatso that was my morning routine ish Idon’t do the same things every morningbut like I obviously am NOT gonna eatpancakes every single morning but youknow I might try to eat breakfast anddefinitely have some coffee or some teaand you little move in your body to wakeup and I always make my bread always inthe mornings makes me feel like I don’twant to get back in bed because you knowlike when it’s messy and the covers areback you’re like I should go in thereand lay down cuz it looks so invitingbut no when it’s all made left him thingso I find that making my bed in themorning makes me stay out and do morestuff outside versus like getting backin bed laying down and watching TVforever you enjoyed this morning routineif you did like subscribe share withyour friends trying to keep everybodyentertained including myself during thistime so yeah[Music][Music][Music]

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