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How to make a pancake

Atha Rafif K.
Class 5A number 19

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Video Transcription

hello guys my name is nada and in thisvideo I will like to show you show youthe ingredients so here is theingredients and a Mapple 0 the condomester and 100 minute of brother about[Music]anyway[Music]second-rate yesis that to be our end as not[Music]to check the water in the boat sometimesbut every time we’ll be togetherin every waywhenokay set it and allow it[Music]at a little bit of Margaery put themixture to the pan[Music]and cook it for well watch to color whenit gets brown flip it[Music]next put the pancake to a plate[Music]repeat the step to all mixture now it’sall thatit’s likewith is likeit’s like a coffee with[Music]where’s the rainbowsnow if I get this done ready to eat[Music][Music]how is it taste that’s all my videothank you for watching

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