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Mothers Day 2020 Part 1: Making Pancakes during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Simrans and Bani make pancakes for their mummy!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh yeah now we need five lots of milkfrom there because that’s 60 mil andwhat’s 5 times 6 so 5 times 6 is 30 so 5times 60 so buddy put it over the bowlplease right let’s do this a bit in themiddle one and[Music][Music]right now what we need is eggs so usethe spoon awesomeBonnie okay okay now open it as wellright now guys not just yet don’t worryabout it goodbye hug so one of you needsto hold the bowl back Simmons you holdthe ball and stir okay also just keepdoing same nice and steady you can twistas well yeah just like thatyeah let me do a little bit hold thebowl nicely please both ends I do thatyou can’t hold it with me Simran I needyou to hold the bowl pleaseall right you know what we’re nearlydoneokay buddy you can let go now okay guysright this is pretty much done all weneed to do is fire up the pan right yeahbut what about then oh yeah we need ateaspoon of oil thank youwhere’s that spoons on that you werecracking the eggs with and I go no I’mgonna do it hey there you go that’s itbut isn’t honey this raw Avon that aswell soon so we’re back in a minute

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