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After years of suffering in silence, I think enough is enough! The Pancakes deserve love too!

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to my channelso for todaywe are doing a makeover and we aregiving thepancakes a makeover because they’re asadlooking couple like this is his formalattire let’s see his everyday outfitlikelook at that no no and she’s not bettershe she’s even worse i think where areyouwhat is this what is this outfitslike no no look at thatthat that’s not right okay she needs itmost sothat means i’m going to spend a longtime on her so i want to start with bobso i get him over within this video and the funniest thingever i already gave this guythese guys a makeover and a differentsave file but i didn’t save them to mygalleryand i thought let’s do it again andmaybe i can compare like the two of themagainst each other look at him without abeardare you ready what even is thatwhat is this look at that chin we’llgive him different beards buteverything now will look wrong becausehis jaw is justhis jaw is just wrong i thinkthis i think we have to go for this oneand we’ll just have to live with thatbecausei want to give them makeovers but iturned off full edit mode so i can’tlike change theirnoses oh i can apparentlybut i’m not it’s not my intention todrag things to change their umbone structure i just want to give themmakeovers not plastic surgerylet’s see for his hair he also hasdifferent difficult headsto put hair on like look at that thatdoesn’t look rightlet’s see do i have something reallysure i think in my other save game igave himthis not the red one the blacki’m not sure i think i gave him thathairthere i kind of like this or maybe theone at the bottomwasn’t bad as well this has littledreadlocks in itso maybe we can do this one then helooks sodifferent already let’s see some skindetailsthen what do we have here or theintensity ofnose hole nostrils like they say noiseholewell i like that one that gives a littlebit more definition to his noseokay so we have that and then can wegive him some eye bags as wellyeah okay so mouth cornerslet’s see will it help if we gave himlike a piercing orsomething oh no the glasses helplet’s see no he has brown eyes i havebrown eyes as welland it’s such a boring eye color so itry to make it asinteresting as possible in sims becausein real life brown eyes are so boringlike mine are so darkthat they don’t really reflect likelight and stuffso i wish i had eyes like this where youcan still seesome reflection but mine are mine areliterally like this so they’re deadyou don’t see any expression in my eyesokay let’s give him this one yeah that’sa little bit better i think he stilllooks weird guyshe still looks weirdokay so we’ll try and keep his style sot-shirt and pants but we’ll justtry and make it a little bit cooler thanhe wasoh i i don’t mind this one let’s seewith differentpants that aren’t so baggy this is kindof niceyeah whoo he’s agreeing with me he looksmore like a lowoh sorry i i was yawninglet’s go for these but then a differentcoloruh let’s go something with green toto really give a shout out to his pastlook but this looks kind of coollike doesn’t he look better i think hedoesand then his formal yeah let’s justquickly go here becausei don’t want to spend a lot of timeanymore on him hehe’s not really savable like i did finei think he looksbetter but he doesn’t look great like istill wouldn’t be like ohdamn is that bob pancakes he’s agreeingwith me did you hear what he was likewhat kind of pants do you wear with thisohjust pick something and move on from himalreadyi don’t like him you know what let’smove oni did the most important outfits we’llgo to elizaand girl do you need helpokay first things first i’m the oralistand your eyebrows need to change shelooks reallyyoung every time i see her i think she’sa teenagershe’s a young adult i think i hopebecausebob it certainly is okay let’s go forthis and let’s lighten them up a littlebitokay let’s go for those and then let’schange your hair we’ll keep her red headbecauseit’s beautiful why would you want tochange it this isn’tred enough this would be a perfect onebut the colors are just offthis is cute that’s actually really cutewhich one is this from nightcrawler okayso that means nightcrawler hasthe capacity to have cute colorsoh my god oh look at that littleponytail that’s socute oh look at that okay this one iscute okay we found hair guysi’ve been recording for 25 minutesalready damn that’s so longlet’s look at skin details oh maybe ishouldclick the wrong the right thing let’sremove the freckles here and then i’llput my custom ones onlet’s look at some freckles look at thati can make her super freckly but thisdoes give her freckleson her body as well so if i can findsomething super friendly herethat’s a shame look at this this is itthis is it look at that oh my god that’samazing that’s so cutemaybe i should make her eyelashes toodark because againredheads usually don’t have reallypronounced eyelashesdo you guys let me know do you guys giveall your married sims rings because ialways forgetlike i never do that i used to do thatall the timebut since i’m starting using eyelashesand stuff most of the time it glitchesso then i just don’t do itlook at the mouth corners on her oh mygod they’re so cutemaybe these ones that makes her look alittle bit happieri’ll give her glasses because theglasses are so iconic she has to havethemi downloaded some new ones these do lookcutebut i thought these ones maybe on her ohwith the flowers that’s so adorablelike look at her i love herlet’s give her some lipstick because ialways want to make their lips look alittle bit naturallike where you can see lines and stuffyes okaythat looks so cute and then her eye shehasbeautiful green eyes so maybe she canhave these onescan we go vibrance oh yeah those oneslook amazingokay let’s go for the clothes becausethis thisthis is no no green does look good onher likeshe does have a point where she she’slike i look good in green and she’s notwrong we don’t want to make her likesomething she’s not so we don’t want tosexify or i don’t knowi don’t want to make her likeuncomfortable this is kind of cutewe have the same cream yeah we dolet’s go for that one and we’ll seemaybe with some pantsyes okay those look amazing and the topis actually like it’s like it’sreally tucked in there that’s so cuteand now she needs to change herflip-flops because that’sthat’s something that no nono matter how cute you’re looking nowyou you’re not wearing flip-flopsabsolutely not i love using these shoesi think they areso cute they’re like my favoriteslow heel they look amazingshould we keep those because they’rethey look comfortableand i think if there’s one thing shelikes it’s beingcomfortable so you know what i’ll do therest of themoff camera and then i’ll show thescreenshotsof every look i did for them i’ll seeyou in a bitokay so i’m back and as you can see ourboy is looking a little bit better nowhis party wear i’m also a big fan of itstill looks like he justthrew some things on and is a little bitmessy the same withhis everyday outfit it looked like ijust put on a t-shirt some pantsmy pants aren’t ripped because it’s infashion it’s just because i can’t takecare of my clothes it’s somethingmore like that i imagine from him andthen we have elizaand let’s look at eliza’s clothes ohshe’s wearing her workout clothes herethen her formal she was wearing a purpledress before so i alwaystook the outfit she was wearing and thenreplicated it in the colors but withnicer things so she was wearing a purpledress now she’s wearing a purple dressbut it looks so much better and she’swearing differentglasses for the occasion then for herparties she was wearing likea white bodysuit and a blue skirt so ikeptthe general vibe of it her hot weatherwas a wreck look at her so cute i loveher for hercold weather she is looking like thisand again different glasses for theoccasionso yeah i really like her i kept thecomfort she’s wearing heels becausenothing really went underneath thatfence except for those shoesbut i think i kept her overallpersona as well i just made her so muchcuterif you enjoyed this video then pleasegive it a big thumbs up subscribe to mychanneland hit that notification bell so youget notified when iupload normally that’s every day but heymaybe for some reason i’m missing a dayi’ll see you guysin the next video bye[Music]you

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