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How To Make Pancakes || #StayAtHome EP-2 Cook#WithMe

Always wanted to make delicious pancakes but don’t know how to do the same, Don’t worry watch this full video and learn how to make delicious Western Style Pancakes at home and treat yourself and your family with this delicious pancakes.


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Video Transcription

Charlie is a weirdo a week Havana whichcan an anemia class – OH – Oh Jackie ourshadow couchParvati cover mannequin king named rakialike mess up which Kenya oh she’s herewhich could successful the wall whichnegative are they cooking many alchemytraining here I bring a salsa each otherwhich try curtain okay man so today Ithought of making pancakes obviouslyI’ve never tried anything like thatnothing in cooking so my mom it is goingto help me out in this and it’s a veryvery very easy process very fewingredients are also needed for this solet’s see how it turns outso the ingredients we need for preparingthe pancake is two bowls of meta or whatwe call as floor sugar of course this isthe match which means[Music]- works for sure and milk top ingredientfor the day and we need a pinch of salt[Music]these are things meaning of this soafter mixing up all the ingredients nowwe will biscuit properly this kid thiskid yesand have to make it more consistent[Music][Music][Music][Music]now after adding the egg time a new orrisky[Music][Music]Oh lick signifies is forward to that oilto again playing consistency and[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]the great chef my mom was making thefirst oneit looks goodso as far as I know when the bubbles arecoming out that means that your bottleis getting cookedlittle by little so passionately youhave to flip it over yes that’s thebrownie portion the golden part of ourpancake this is what the people like themost[Music][Music][Music]so the first tool there made by my mombut now it’s my time to show some skillslet’s see[Music][Music]I know that is so creepymy mom’s very perfect pancakes last oneto go in the play let’s start it[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you know I’m also trying this for thefirst time so all these famous takeswith happen happens with anyone notmistakes won’t happen[Music]I think they much of missusmixing this on thewait our pancake heap is ready as you’llsee so doesn’t this look good yeah okayso now it’s time for adding some Beautyto this piece so it’s like building now[Music]and it was the best part of the wholepancake recipethe maple Sara[Music][Music]here we go[Music][Music][Music]Oh

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