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Making Pancakes With Zan!

Today I will be showing you guys how to make pancakes!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome back to my channelthank you for subscribing today I’mmaking pancakes first you have to add 2cups of flour- I have to add two tablespoons of sugara quarter teaspoon of saltnow you add three tablespoons of bakingpowdertonow we have all our dry ingredients nowwe have to combine them together afterthis we add our wet ingredients you canuse a separate bowl if you want now wehave to add our wet ingredients firstyou’ll add two eggs[Music]there are two eggs now we have to addone cup of milk and a quarter cup[Music][Music]now yeah we’re on cups of milk now youhave to add melted butter but ask yourparents to help you with the meltedbutter[Music]next we have to whisk the wedding videostogether since the wet ingredients areready we have to pour the wetingredients to the dry ingredients[Music]you have the wet ingredients and the dryingredients together we have to mix it[Music]so we have our wet and dry ingredientstogether it’s okay if there’s chunks init so the consistency should look likethis if it’s too loose add a little bitmore flour if it’s too thick add alittle bit more milk we can add thepancake batter to the pan you can add asmuch as you want if you want too smalldon’t add that much if you want a bigegg a lot I like mine small[Music]when he gets probably like this you haveto flip it make sure you have a parentthis is the finished productI have maple syrup sprinkles and we’llpremix I like it but you can addwhatever you want[Music]now we can enjoy my pancakes I hope youdo too please subscribe and like thisvideo thanks bye

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