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Making pancakes with my fam. Cringe


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Video Transcription

guys welcome back to another video todayI’m making pancakesfor 57 in the afternoon so make sure youlike subscribe comment and share my momis gonna be helping with meshe is not sponsored and shaken pour isnot sponsored or not Betty Crocker Idon’t know or Country Crock so thosethings are not expired we are not famousto spot sponsor these thingssmiles at me like that create Corona[Music]we’re survivors Oh Lily[Music]no we want to do that oh hi Corinne I’mdoing the video so don’t say the f-wordlike he will isn’t it BaileyI feel like we need more water it’s toothicksay hiHey[Music]you let pause that and go back like it’snot just this drag any more studentsit’s five minutes alreadyit’s herokay thanks we will see you later whenthis is all done okay guys the pancakebatter no sorry my first timedon’t dizzy put it on the heater it’snotI guessstop all week sick coughing like thatwas a small dock yeah I need to fix thatlil you’re gonna burn it honey[Music]it’s just I’ve seen it bubble do youwant me to connect all that one one-waystick you won’t eat ityou can have itwon’t get much all the way under it allthe way yeah more butter please[Music]my baby is perfect place I’m gonna playgreat it’s not good enough yeah it isyeah okay[Music]fire alarm okay guys so Gerald mypancakes they look so goodI’m gonna try one mmm that’s pretty goodthanks for watching bye

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