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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s miss Spanky and today isFriday and what are we doing Friday’s inthe classroom we cook good job so todayI’m going to be making a video and I’mgoing to show you all how I make cakesawesome so before we get started what isthe first thing that we always dowherever you’re watching this video withtell them what is the first thing we dobefore we cook we wash our hands sothat’s what I’m going to do first allright so I’m going to turn my water onno no get my hands a little bit run myhands together for 20 seconds let’scount 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1415 16 17 18 19 20 all right now that isthe recommended time that you spentwashing your hands and you see I got allon the back the back of my hand my palmsand between my fingers my nails yourthumbs and your wrists and now we’regoing to rentit also pause I agree and they’re goingto dry your hands and I’m going to use apaper towel make sure your hands aren’tcompletely dry because a paper towel oranything that you have readily availableit can be a napkin a kitchen towel allright I’m gonna throw this in the trashall right now if you were in theclassroom all of the students would havehad their own ingredients page sobecause I don’t have that readilyavailable here right now with me I’mjust going to show you all of ouringredients so of course you need yourpancake mix it can be any pancake mix Igot this from giant it’s a pancake andwaffle mix I think all right on the backof our box it says that we need milk sohere’s my milk mr. Anker uses almondmilk we need eggs have a carton of eggsand we need oil now I like to spice upmy tactics a little bit so I’ll be usingcinnamon in my pancakes that groundcinnamon and then I also like to usebrown sugar cinnamon to put into mybrown dark brown sugar alright so let’sget started first I’m going to need abowl our box says we’re going to look atthe directions you want to make 10 to 12pancakes you need 1 cup mix so that’ssomething I’m gonna make it I’m going touse 1 cup of the mixso parents at home you can have yourkids do this part you can do hand overhand but you should probably do it overthe bow just a case some spells outwhere there’s a little extra I’m justgoing to pour it into the one cupmeasuring cup see something already wasthere all right close that so we pour itback up you’re going to just dump it inthe bowl and we’re done with your dishesbecause I have in my sink record I’mdoing in the kitchen I can just put itin the sink but make sure that you havea place that’s designated for your dirtydishes I next it says that we need 3/4cups milk so here my measuring cup youwant to take it we’re gonna try to do itup to let’s see if I can see it on hereall right and if you could see that sothat’s what I’m going to fill up to andyour kiddos can do this part toowe allow the kids to do all of this inthe classroom we just provide assistancewhen neededI’m going to pour it up to that 3/4 linecool all rightand here is my 3/4 cup milk make sure onthe side I’m just going to pour it inbecause I’m done with them I’m gonna setit in my sink i next it says that weneed[Music]crack this egg now I put my egg shellsback in the container but you couldthrow them away and then lastly on thebox it says we need I want to take myremember the kiddos are really Bibbledoing most of this they just might needhand-over-hand assistance or just somesupervision prompting you can model itso if you were to model it you couldpour it in yeah I mean and then justpour it right back into here if that’show you were modeling I’m just going topour it all in remember this goes in thesink well we’re done with all right I’mgoing to put the top back on my blue andI use olive oil that’s just mypreference but you can use we’ve usedvegetable oil canola oil at school wherewe’ve made cupcakes for people’sbirthdays all right so now I normallyuse cinnamon to put into my pancake mixI just bought it so I might need to fixit this feel all first if you addcinnamon there’s no right or wrong wayto do this it’s justhowever cinnamony I guess you want yourpancake so I’m just going to I normallyadd not a lot but a good amount I likefor the top and my pancake mix to becovered we’ve done with that and thenI’m going to add some brown sugarthere’s no right a long way to do thebrown sugar either you don’t have to usethese items you can honestly just usewhat’s on the box that I like so Eddiefor me it gives a little bit more flavorlikesweet flavor that you like with an Ilike pancakes okayand now you’re going to take a whisk orany type of utensil that you can use tomix this up really really well and whenwe make cupcakes at school the kidsnormally started off and then eithermyself mr. Tiffany or mrs. Leon wefinish it for them but we all give thema chance to do this portion of it nobecause we are a life skills program andcooking is a very essential life skillso if they are doing it make surethey’re like my container still havesome still down there at the bottom thatmix I’m like going around to make surethat I get all of it and there shouldn’tbe any chunks left the kids know that sothey are pros at this in the room andthen we’re not gonna whisk it wanted tomake sure that I got all of those mixedclumps I guess you can say I’m gonnatake a look to make sure I don’t haveany white left around at the bottom tellme that didn’t mix it up well therewould another little whiskand I like to let my mix sit for alittle bit so that it gets a littlethick you could put a lid on and put itin the refrigerator you don’t have to dothis step or you could from here youcould just go ahead and just put themall into a griddle or you can cook themin a pan on the stove whatever yourpreference and when you’re done withyour whisk or your mixing tool get allof the extra or as much as you can offI’m gonna rinse that and okay so we’reabout to start cooking our pancakes andso the kids know that they’re neverallowed to touch anything that’s hot sowhen we make cupcakes or anything elsethat we need use a toaster oven for atschool the kids do not do they’re theyknow not to stand near it go buy itnothing they help with the preparationand if we make cupcakes like oncethey’ve cooled down we take them out ofthe toaster oven they decorate them butthat’s about where their involvementstops just for safety reasons so if youare doing this with a parent or aguardian make sure that they are turningthe stove on for you and that you arenot doing that well what you can do ohyou can get the oil for them but I cookwith butter the butter for them but youcan use any type of butter honestly thisis just what I prefer to use when I putthese pancakes on it so our box saysthat we need to heat our skillet overmedium heat or if you have an electricgriddle to 375 degrees and the skilletis ready when drops of water sizzles andevaporate but we won’t have to do thatyou can if you want we combined all ofour ingredients and now it says when wepour them all into our pan or a griddleto support slightly less than onecut batter for each pancake want tolightly grease dribbles so I’m gonnagrease my griddle with butter all rightI know if you do use better this can bean opportunity where the kids can helpif you have plastic silverware at homenow it’s like off with my kids a whileago and I use them with the kidssometimes too so I’m going to quit justa little bit of butter I’m gonna putthat on my griddle then cut it straightlook at the rest of that all right wejust want to lift up nope not relieffrom the heat on lineyou’re just gonna like kind of spread itaround on areas where you plan onputting the pancake me – really anonstick pan so I really didn’t have todo this step but this have been cookingpancakes and I like there we go justthink it’s wet all rightso meadow I remember say poor things in1/4 but all depends on what your boxsays your poor slightly less than 1/4come batter pretty trinketalright so I’m going to use my 1/4 cupI’m gonna scoop it up now don’t fill itup to the top just because I say to youslightly less alright I’m just going topour it on and let that cook alrightyou’ll know your pancake is ready whenit starts to bubble and then that’ll bethe indicator for you to flipwhile you’re waiting for your pancake tobe dying this is a great time to putwhatever materials that you hate or thatyou are using back in your fridge orwherever they were okie-dokiealright so my pancake is bubbling up ontop oh no like to then go aheadand put alright so I’m going to take myspatula this is a special I’m going togo underneath andsorry guys almostall rightand what’s that pancake is done you justtake a plate or anything that is readilyavailable to you and you just put thaton a plate and you repeat the steps forthe rest of your pancakes and definitelycook more than one thing at a time Ijust did that one as I guess for thetutorial aspect of the video but rightnow I’m going to like for the rest cookin these two or three at a time alrightso here’s the finished product I’ve madeall of my pancakes and parents and thisis a good time like for you to throw insome of those math lessons you can saythat you can have them count how manypancakes did you make how many pancakesat the box saying that you couldpossibly make you know what I mean likethere are so many experiences forlearning opportunities that we do in oureveryday lives so what we’re going to donow I’m going to get a plate and I’mgoing to eat when your kids are eatingtheir pancakes that’s another great timeto work on those fine motor skills youknow with cutting the pancakes if theyneed that hand-over-hand assistanceplease help them with that you’ll knowdepending on your child specifically butI will try to do these every Friday orso and I’ll post them to our s’more pagebut the link it will be linked toYouTube so I hope you enjoy the rest ofyour day and that your breakfast isyummy bye guys

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