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Making Pancakes with Miss McKay

This week, Miss McKay makes pancakes with her class. Here is the recipe:
1 cup oats
1 banana
4 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon
2 scoops protein powder (optional)
2 eggs
4 egg whites

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning Aaron how we doing how wedoing Emmamorning guys so we are making pancakesthis morning I hope you’re all doingyou’re doing well and but enjoy thesunshine today it’s supposed to be verynice so those of you following alongwith me we’ll start with the ingredientswe’re going to do one cup of oats twoeggs or egg whites and I’ll show you howto separate those four teaspoons ofbaking powder a pinch of salt a pinch ofcinnamon and just for myself I’m goingto add two scoops of protein powder youguys you guys don’t need to do that butI I need the extra protein so which isnormally like beans and that kind ofthing but came to mind someone are gonnameet you guys can do without the proteinso that’s what I got set up here needyour measuring spoons measuring cup tobolt to small bowls for your egg whitesthe banana one banana write that downreally quickall right anybody doing anything funtoday are you thing exciting out in thestarted one cup of oats is firstcurrent level you can pour in to beblender all done with the oats[Music]let me show you how to do a weights withour egg whites what we are going to dothis one[Music][Music][Music]like about[Music][Music]I’m going to add my two scoops ofprotein powderthank you guys you’re not getting toohigh protein powder that’s just okay doscoops and you guys[Music]willingness to mix it in there make sureit mixes properly[Music]ready[Music]all right awesome so now what’s niceabout doing it in the blender is that wehave alright right from the blender bebrittle onyeahokay right Ichigo you’ll know once youflip the pancakes when they when thepancake batter starts bubbling on thegriddle then you’ll know it’s ready tobe ready to be flipped Ohso while we’re waiting you could do alittle chatting so what’s everybodydoing today anything funanybody have a pool at home that theyget to jump into since it’s supposed tobe like 75 degrees today nope no poolyou can get a kiddie pool from Walmartthose are fun you doing anything funtoday Avaguys can ask me questions to your poolsnot open yet mine either I’m trying toconvince my my fiance to open our pooljust cuz it’s so nice that’s a good ideaBianca go for it it’s supposed to bebeautiful todaythey got any fun plans besides going tothe I wanna skillsee you guys probably like a 50 I missyou guys so much am i doing live onSaturday well I don’t normally do liveson Saturday Bianca but send me thatrecipe and we’ll see what I can do but Ido miss you guys a lot it’s it’s beenit’s been very challenging to to not seeyou guys every day now see you guyseleventh period or walking in thehallway or whenever I got to see youthat is that’s very tough on a scale of1 to 10 how much do you guys miss school10 being you miss it a lot8.5 all right I’ll take itI hear that I miss you guys they miss myfriends I miss my familyhave you guys been going on any trips ordoing anything or even just staying inquarantine I was ready to flipwe’re not so muchdifferently like I said beforeoh that’s nice Ava that you’ve beendoing uh stuffer friends birthdays Igotcha Bianca’s autocorrect will killyou every time it’ll just get you ohnice what are you cooking me Ankathank you drying for science at schoolwhat are you drawing EvaOh eggs and bacon nice for the secondstop I have more blueberriesoh you’re drawing a house what is whatis the science what’s uh when you drawon a house work I’m going to do is maybeis this these pancakes look prettypancakes though I’m gonna put somestrawberries on it we have to draw yourhabitat nice put up some strawberries[Music]you guys still still getting a littlebit of homework as a slow down a littlebit all right so strawberriesvery some chowwell yeah I’m sure this but I’m glad thework has slowed down a little bit youcan enjoy the warm weather in camerashonor to play warm weather in time withyour family I gotta flip these they’reflipped this is not as unfortunate threemonths I don’t know about you guys butbig fancy microwavable up it’s prettyawesome it’s just as hot as for pinkiesyeah I hear that meeting is brutal[Music]more pancakes are done[Music][Music]our and good so even it depends on theall syrup is movable but it depends onthe on the bottom so like for instancethis says Michael well alright let’s[Music]make these pancakeswe’re running on down that is okayyou could do that as well Bianca that’sand just pour syrup in a bowl and put itin the microwave because you’re reallynot gonna use that much anyway so it’snot not cheap yeah all right Bianca Ishould get tick-tock I don’t know aboutthat tic-tac as a little is a littleiffy for me I don’t even know what Iwould put on there you guys can send youyour check tax if you want as long asthey’re appropriate but I don’t know Idon’t know how I feel about your exactit’s like snapchat I’m not a bigsnapchat or eitheryeah how big you make your pancakes atleast five or six out of them I like tomake my pancakes pretty big blueberrieschocolate chips whatever else you liketo put it on you guys have anyrecommendations besides blueberries andchocolate chips I don’t have chocolatechips today or else I would I would haveput those in theredone bacon in your pancakes coconutchips guys are creative what a greatidea do not have bacon or coconut chipsI will get some it will make pancakesagain I want to know what your recipe isselfie on course I can make yours andalso do standard in this week you willsee we got really room for one morewhat is for next week well you guyswon’t tell me what I make yeah Inormally use this with you yeahsometimes like with all the with aquarantine is fun when easier to getmore creative and make it from scratchbut yeah what do you guys want to see methis weekand I’ll miss mrs. Lynch wants me tomake crunch wraps or sausage gravy andbiscuits so that’s on the list what elsedo you guys think neatly why you guysare deciding the tortilla of the fencegoodDisney churros churros and chiral shipsoh you don’t know new Charles and Cherylchips are on the list so what else do wedo we thingeverything’s better from Disney you knowBianca you are not wrong my dear mac andcheese mac and cheese give you thatrecipe if you’d like what else we thinkyou got Charles we’ve got hero chipspunch wraps popsicles okay well I canmake popsicles but you won’t get to seethe final product for a couple of hourswhich is fine it’ll be goodpopsicles is on the list alright let’scome up with one more and then we willvote on it for the weekapple pie all right apple pie it is soapple pie popsicles churro chips Disneychurros guys might have to send me someof these recipes sausage gravy andbiscuits and Crunchwrap oh and asmoothie Bowl all right I’m gonna haveto write these down hang out movie bowlapple pie sure Oh chips is nature Oh ontrips and sausage gravy businessalright guys that is what I will put onthe list make um Bianco you send methough that recipe that you want me tomake on Saturday and Bianca also send methe Disney trail recipe Ava you can sendme the churro chips recipe and we willgo from therealright guys I will see you next weekbye

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