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Keto Breakfast recipes – Pancakes

These fluffy pancakes are perfect for breakfast, but lets be honest – when is it a bad time to have pancakes? 🙂

100g Fine Almond Flour
25g Coconut flour
25g Erythritol
1 Tsp Baking Powder

5 Eggs
1 Tsp Vanilla extract
.33 cup Unsweetened Almond milk
60g melted Butter

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Video Transcription

breakfast may or may not be one of themost important meals a day but it can beone of the most delicious today we’remaking pancakes[Music]hi everyone welcome back hope you’redoing wellhope you’re healthy today we are makinglow carb pancakes so this is continuingon in the vein of alternative breakfastfor people who are on keto and localenow like a lot of our low carb recipesthe main things that we’re doing here iswere replacing the wheat flour with acombination of almond flour and coconutflour and we’re also replacing sugar soinstead of sugar we’re using erythritoland erythritol is much lower on theglycemic index and the erythritol itselfMets out to zero net carbs hope you’reenjoying your videos hey if you haven’tseen a few of them we’re gonna put somelinks you know what I’m gonna put a linkup here to one of our other breakfastrecipes I hope you’ve been joining themif you have why don’t click Subscribebecome part of what we’re doing andYouTube will let you know when we putout videos out okay you do it so this isa nice sort of a fluffy pancake it’s nottoo fluffy it’s got a bit of substanceto it but it’s not crepe it’s a properpancake now we’re gonna start with 100grams of almond flour now for thisrecipe I actually want this almond flourto be a little finer than I wouldnormally buy it we generally just buygrant armor and use that and although itwill work for this recipe it’s just alittle bit of a nicer texture so whatI’ve done is I’ve put it in a spicegrinder you may have a spice grinder ora coffee grinder at home put it in therefor like eight to ten seconds and itcomes out much finer so there it ishundred grams of fine almond flour nextwe have some coconut flour 25 grams ofcoconut flour that just go straight inthere as well okay a next dry ingredientis erythritol and it’s 25 grams of driederythritol25 grams of erythritol oh there is onemore dry ingredients and that is bakingpowder now as always we’re using agluten-free baking powder just to makesure we’re not getting additionalstarches or that sort of thing and it’sjust a teaspoon of baking powder we’lljust give that a quick stir to combineand sort of get that mixing alreadybrilliant so now we move on to our wetingredients we have got 5a[Music]one two three or one more next we havealmond milk now make sure it isunsweetened almond milk and we areputting in 1/3 of a cup then it is 1teaspoon of vanilla make sure it issugar-free that can be a generousteaspoon that one and our lastingredient is 60 grams of softenedbutter and we’ll just mix that fruit[Music]I’m just going to finish it off with thehand meter just to make sure we get someair in there[Music][Applause]so we’ve got a nice smooth batter andlook at thatno lumps beautiful now if you want thissuper floppy I guess you could separatethe egg yolk from the egg whites andbeating whites to a soft peaks and thenfold it through this but this is greatokay we’re gonna start cooking these nowwe are cooking today a McGee with thoseunfamiliar with game it’s like clarifiedbutter it’s butter where they’re takingall the proteins out which is usuallywhat causes it to burn so early but itgives it a higher smoking point and itis nice to cook it so here we go alittle bit of ghee going into the panthere probably a bit too much actuallylook at that clarified butter you’llknow I don’t know if it’s in everyone’shouse or if it’s just out but the firstpancakes always bad you guys get thatlet’s see if I can buck that trend todayhere we golovely it’s probably a bit too much inthe pan there but no idea so you can seealready it’s starting to cook up aroundthe sides there we’ll wait for it tostart bubbling a bit more in the centerjust like cooking pancakes any other wayyeah bit overdone there Oh YUM so I workon the temperature of the pan but thatis all lovely you can see it’s nice andfluffy in the middle there probablydoing a bit smaller but we’ll keepcooking[Music]all right I am going to go on to cook afew more of these but I wouldn’t keepyou watching while I do that there’s ashort stack there serve that with a fewstrawberries blueberries would be goodas well and a bit of cream if you likethat there you go Kito low carb pancakesfluffy pancakes if you have enjoyed thisvideo give it a like if you try thisrecipe let us know in the comments downbelowlook out for next week’s video thanks toeveryone and we’ll see you next time

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