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Making pancakes with me

I am making pancakes videos extremely long and my dad is in this video he thinks he’s acting like a bum okay my dad is crazy

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

well some flowers making pancakes it’snot I already put in my water and dosestuffpancake mix so now I’m going to mix Ineed a pan good job guys[Music]I could only find green food coloring Iwant it to die on purple or blue but Icannot find the color blue so we’regoing to dye it all green okay[Music][Laughter][Music]but ERuse your own panthe clutter is immenselyoh yeah that’s my dadI found a way to get my commentssomewhat turned on but I can’t turn themback onI presume your video[Music]I’m making green this timepinch me please don’t worry they’rerightthat’s[Music][Music]so all this stuff is good don’t push itdown butyeah just be likeyou dismiss right here this is what fromnow on there will be no dishes withnothing left in the dishwashing this islet me be rinsed out cleaning cookingdish hey Jacob said he was gonna bedoing businessGiavotella betta unload the dishwasherlast nightI’m making a pancake[Music]I’ll apply to the pancake runfew more secondsmore clutterbut ER[Music][Music][Applause][Applause][Applause]can you tell this is my first timemaking a pancake[Music]more butter[Applause][Music][Music][Applause]and we have a halfway can keep it in ohyes I see it’s it daddy comes up thispancakeI tried slipping it no it’s not ready tobe[Applause]to really see how it started gettingbubbles my house got a little bubbles[Applause]pretty good okay[Applause]my father giving pancake exceptions Idelete the videos after Archos[Applause]the sweetis it ready to flipyeah it’s going over here one for everyoccasion[Applause]look the burger[Applause]and you said now you see what I wasturning it down[Applause]I think I’ll go one more pancake on thisone[Applause]when I was going to make one day[Applause][Music][Applause][Applause]that is nowhere close to being ready[Applause]Thanksback one little buttery[Applause]that’s my father again sunflowers Inamed them the sunflowers you just stolethe paper and I still have pancakes tomeI am putting water in my arm bowl that Ipaid the pancake mix insee Miguel this is an interestinglooking pancake but heyand back up flip the palm curve I did itput the pancake just what it look likeflipped very delicious so I’d like toand on my last two videos I found avideo that you can comment on I thinkyou can comment on my I learned to editsomewhat um in quarantine video I thinkyou can I think you can on comment inthat one table but I know you cancomment in Z chicken or duck chickenwing I know you can comment in thatvideo and I can’t comment back to youlike I can’t like physically like textback to you like in the comments sectionbut I can’t answer them in videos soyeah this pancake is readyjust tripping off so I’m going to leavemy penchant for[Music]like neck aches okay[Music]go into the table[Music]there you know unless she’s looking I’mgonna go grab a fork[Music][Music]y’all fail some powers fell I’m kiddingum Hershey’s syrup on then it’s reallygood I use a lotlet’s trythis is the first pancake I made I madefour pancakes first pancake I made let’stry it that’s goodsho-bud like Jean bushesso hmm what I have to talk about so Itold you about y’all can comment onvideos now so just soak up deliciousokay so yeah you have some comment onvideos now and also what was I gonna sayoh yeah so um I can’t comment back toyou I’m saying I’m saying themphysically and videos joke one but soI’m going to say the comments that I gotthese are from like I think a week agoso I think you can also uncomment in Ilearned to edit somewhat in quarantineand stuff the title something like thatwell I know you can comment in Z chickenor duck chicken wing yeah it’s aninteresting name but if I change it theconference will be turned off so yeahJeff will come on that I can’tphysically um it’s back to you incomments what I will stress Mike I amnow about to show Jackie for lifeso you said you have so much energy inyour videos thank you that’s what I’mgoing forof course full show Club hi so goodsteel is she oh I know I just brokeyour whole sweat hey out thereandthis might be Taylor I’m don’t know forsure but the names is Tom I don’t knowTom and might be Taylor I don’t knowdon’t think it is oh yeah we went fromsix subscribers to seven subscribers sowell I don’t know who Thomas yeah that’smy dadokay so um and Tom you said keep makingthe amazing content so I will obviouslyI like amazing content this is a longvideo hmm so malicious video huh don’tlistenOh chefs yummy what I forgot to saysomething coming to you from flooringteam got to say that in the union videookay so I cooked this tiny pancake we’regonna try it needs to be cooked a littlemorei’ma go grab some water cuz I am thirstyactually I want milk chocolate milk tobe Pacific look at that new molythey’re gonna let you you better watchher she’s gonna eat them hot Molly youeat my pancakes you die that’s a meal[Music]my dogs okay I was bleeding in now it’sall over a door right now me a copyeah I don’t toot I can’t get thisjellybean up tommm-hmm I can’t really see itdo something actually don’t oh my goshhe’s trying pancakes let them to seethat you’re trying the pancakesare they good I told you they were goodlike it was from sorry I like chocolatesyrupoh yeah since knowledge you can commenttell me if you want my Foggiaand more video is splash my dad tell mein the comments if you want him in morevideos[Music]I got a fork to mix my chocolate milkcome on what are you doingno get out of meat meatlet your foot milk now I’m always veryenergetic Thank You Jackiewhat I’m going for and all the time itsoon is Taylor said amazing content wellI might just have a rain on Thomaswatching my channel um Taylor tonightcaller or if I don’t caller before we goback to school which hopefully you arecuz we’re still in quarantine sex okaylet’s try the chocolate those are justtrouble bubbles meet your chocolatemother only hi to the sunflowersmy mom just thought that I named mypancake sunflowers no my obvious andmade my subscribers I’m not thatchocalate mixing in the chocolate I ammixing in the chocolate and mix it inthe chocolatecuz I’m mixing in the chocolate in thechocolateyah yah this looks more chocolaty areyou making more pancakesyou’ll want to see my father I makewaffles why why what what what what didyou say tell me what you just said Idon’t get paid for YouTube I only haveseven subscribers subscribe if you’rewatching this and you don’t subscribewhy are you watching this I gotsubscribe hmm I have chocolate on methe dog the dog daddy[Music]luckily about those videos literally gotto be 40 minutes long longest video I’veever made in my lifewell this we do I probably put on thischannel before this video was probablyabout this might take me forever to edityeahhave another gonna edit this video or amight well help yeah yeah I can show youhow to editI think that’s a No[Music]hey daddywant to help me edit this video that’sno in Spanish that is no friend I thinkit alright wouldn’t know Thank Youfriendsoh you don’t know English yes he does[Music][Music]41 minutes Wow so licious yaypancakes are delicioustell me in the comments below if orwhatever video you can comment on if youlike this videoI don’t know good stuff about onepanicking pancake and a half but I’mfull and I’m a juniorSaint chicken milk deliciousokay so I’m finished eating remember youcan’t comment on I think you can commenton the video I learned to edit someonein quarantine and I know you couldcomment on zee chicken or duck chickenwing I know you can comment on thatvideo so the two questions are the daydo you want to see my dad more andvideos and hmm what’s the other one canyou like this video so I see someflowers say sweet say awesome wash yourhandsbye

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