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Making 3 min Spider-Man Pancakes for Moracco

Watch Sim Simma make pancakes for Moracco The Boxer some pancakes

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Video Transcription

let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s golet’s go let’s gowhat’s up guys and welcome to my newyoutube channelwell actually it’s not that new but I amupdating it more often now so come backsubscribe join my channel let’s do likecomment and share thanks so much fordoing my channel some some oh what’s upwhat’s up since some subscribers theadventures of Morocco today we are goingto be making some pancakeswonderful it is the spider-man editionso have you ever made pancakes with thespider-man maker before I am going toshow you how piece so what I’ve done sofar is my little engine myself and Ipoured some into the bowl then afterthat I put a little bit of water in itfork out and I mix and the thing it isabout this mixing is you want to makesure it’s a good amount of water and agood amount of pancake mix usually I putan egg in for extra protein he’s gonnakick to Morocco by the way when I makepancakes to myself I add a little bit ofextra ink begins I add 10 parts andblacks and just for a little bit extranutrition ok so as you can see maybe youcan’t see this texture is a little bittoo liquidy so what I do I just add alittle extra I don’t really measure Ijust go with I would helloI’m really bad at measuring I don’tmeasure anything I don’t use measuringcupsI also don’tI go by smell and tastes when I cookit’s the art I cook I don’t follow anyingredients I make it up as I go okay soonce this is a good texture I’m going tomy handy-dandyusually I make it on the stove to like Iliked it but Maratha likes it let’s putthis Merc marbled pancake maker he lovesitmy Nana Nana got it for us my mom so yesso then once I’m done mixing okay sothen gonna wait for this thing to heatupplugged it in to make sure it doesn’tstick okay so I’m a little bit of oiljust a touch of oil here and a touch ofoil here okay I’m going to use a papertowel to spread around the oil Ohdoesn’t Rocco on and help out no MarthaI’m making pancakes for you you don’twant to know about today okay oh this isnot Morocco’s youtube channel this isjust oh happy retirement Nana okayyeah just retired so okay so we’rewaiting for this to heat up so now I’mgoing to spread around to make sure thatit’s a good amount of oil and not toooily in one spot okaynow it’s nice and hot so I’m going toforis hungry and he is a grumpy a grumpykid a hungry kid is a grumpy kid allright so it’s sizzling a bit so now andwait for a little while for it to cookwe need as we wait I can see it steamingit’s steaming see almost there I shouldhave opened it I usually don’t open itbut this pancake maker is pretty amazingI’ll have to admit I’ve used it quite alot since we’ve got it as a gift fromRenault okay so mmm it smells perfectnow so I unplugged the pancake becausewe do not want it to overheat so look atthese pancakes perfect and the bonus isthat on the other side is spider-man soI will show you the finished problems inone moment so this is the real maplesyrup Oh Canada because apparently it’sreally healthy for you it’s reallyawesome I don’t use the fake stuff noit’s the real stuff it’s a really reallygood for you so let me get my plate out[Music]so this one look what I madeit’s beautifulI know this service reallywe gotta feed this Granby kid becausehe’s just so clumpy today okay enjoy theday thanks for watching deliver thesepancakes to Morocco Morocco Morocco yourpancakes are ready Morocco I’ll justleave them at the door for him when he’sready he’ll open the door and get hispancakes Rach are you ready for yourpink up Morocco are you ready for yourpancakes I can hear him and here at thedoor Morocco okay I’m gonna go do mywork now I’m leavingoh okay Morocco you can get yourpancakes nowwell Morocco ever get his back cakesuber eats delivery mommy eats deliveryokay I’m gonna catch them and when he’seating them okay gonna get them thingyou can get your pancakes now bye I’mleavingoh I’m bringing you extra syrupI’ll put extra syrup on it extra syrup Iknow you wanted to knowextra extra syrup yes you want it howyou going to get it now yes yes you gotthem

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