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Making pancakes wit my cuz 😁

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

without spice look that back my candlewe add a space stay back a littlewe bake peacock a well all year was notfighting sizzle makes you to break withthe peg a say hello I make the holidaywait ah yeah butter knife this oneyou’ll see that she’s using yeah here’sgarnet right wait I need to take out offthis door in here because it will makeme a cake with it did you makethat’s gonna take us my ears to me Akanehe’s faster but you wanna do it so it’sgonna shake her in device or do I knowstart it nobody shot don’t use thattoday yes I need to take out all thedoor for you don’t worry I think age isgonna come no I want to make that justDhonihello by a black light panel oh you saidthat the beginning of the video like outguysdid you say bye guys looking back – byeguys – video if you think comment downbelow and hit of this hit the subscribebutton and give a big thumbs up and hitthe bell notification it’s crazystop you’re just making a mess slowly Isaid do it slowlyno they turn on the pink one look yousee this don’t have this is not reallysomething I got it fixed I mean thiswould be a slimy ah that’s what you gethere no you’re doing this making of theMS get another paper towel yeah getanother paper towel I can’t get it stopbeing lazy to get up and go get it geton the other jerks just gonna you’rejust be nastyyou’re not gonna mix it over you keep onmaking a mess I don’t not make a mess nomarket okay you’re gonna stare we’remaking a video but there’s a little bitremember a mom said don’t know just alittle bit know the I need to do it Ineed to mix technically just wait youcould move around – okay you could mixit another time you could sit with youcould do it and de Luca mixing the otherround okay don’t mix it yeah cuz you’redoing it really slow and I need tofinish this because mommy’s gonna giveoh you just like I think we justfinished I know it just kicked up no nobaby oh yeah do you go in there be likegood success should be doing the videoswith me all the videos are about methoughno start it you’re doing it really slowright do not put that in there Mama’syou can mix it whenever we put the otherround whenever we do the other roundbecause you’re doing it this momentjust pay attention to the video oh noyou’re not gonna do is roll you’re justmaking a messscarlet you see you said that to messright there you have this paper towelfor a reason to put it on here[Music]you haven’t even washed your hands nastygirlyou see do you even know what miss thiscuz you just keep on doing this wheneverI’m telling you not to you see youalready got all my pork I mine betternight hold up hmm okay sorrystop mommy wants us to do it right nownot tomorrow or not yesterday yes if Iwere to pack or not laterhere put this video sync yes yes go I’mtelling you to put in the sink becauseyou’re not gonna mix it no more don’tnot mix it no learn okay I’m making youpancakeswe got the video did have it Budi Budiif y’all wanted to make out somepancakeslike me to walk everywhere like thisdon’t look semester look or easy with abag every Monsieuryou use her phone I’m gonna use a phonewhy you turn off the TV[Music]what did I tell you and

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