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My youtube channel 1 year completion…..!!:D? | Making Pancakes.?..& enjoying…|Aadhya’s wellness

Hey loves,

I hope you guys are fine. This video is very special for me as this channel grew one year old . Thanks for all love and support that you guys have given me. It means a lot.

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Love you guys….



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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome or welcome back to mychannel so I just came out of the showeras you can see and they’re making a vlogand the reason why I’m making this vlogis that this day I want to record thisday because this day is so special forme because my youtube channel has grownone year today that means ourrelationship is one year or now so it’sone year anniversary of my youtubechannel and I just wanted to study butit’s a little bit like here and therenot too much because obviously becauseof lockdown as the situation is verycritical I hope you guys are safe andsound but still it’s locked down and wecannot like I cannot go out and do alittle bit big like a leek type ofcelebration but I have fun thingsplanned here and there to do at home soI’m going to do that and gonna take youguys through so stay tuned and now whatI’m going to do so I’m just going tofinish that then I have my lecturesaround 4:00 4:30 so I’m just going toattend those lectures and after that Iam planning I am planning to makepancakes and I’m not sure if I get thetype I get a time or not but if I’ll getthe time then Ian ordinal made tomorrow that is Sundaythat is pretty sick stuff every sowhatever the thing is I’ll keep itupdated and yeah as I mentioned I’m justgoing to finish some walk so I’ll seeyou thenthis is the view from my house liesand there’s no one on the literally nooneand that makes me very happy that he Imean all of us are know implementinglockdown like we are in our houses andwe are safe and soundwe are happy and that’s all what matters[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]as you can see by my face I’m so damntired electors two forever and they werelong and boring enoughalso I had my dinner couple of hours agoand it’s currently 11 28 and I’m endinga blog here I hope you guys enjoy itthank you for all the love and supportthat you guys have given me that means alot to me if you enjoyed this vlog thenplease like share and subscribe we havea long way to go and yeah I’ll see youguys in the next one bye

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