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Hola Amores❤️❤️ Welcome back to my channel in this video my sister and I decided to make homemade pancakes this is the link to the recipe I found

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]use white sugar brown sugar so I get allpurpose flour baking powder salt eggs isa afraid sugar and I think that’s it soyou can watch mejust make I added one of the cooks WowI’m making the best already but I needto what is it the Rina half straight 1/2teaspoon baking powder[Music]so we don’t have a fourth of one ofthese so I’m going to use fourtablespoons which is[Music]does not look like pancake it’s supposedto be really really[Music]okay no like furrow you cannot be scaredI think I’m pretty sure I’m about to doit because if you don’t see that runningI’m hurry up open it up when I thinkit’s like ready to open up and it’sboiling at the top where did thisbubbles at the top and they’re gonnashe’s gonna flip it and then we’re gonnakeep doing it look how about bonnet on Iforgot to add that for my last video ifyou uh say go watch that but yeahso I think it has oh my godlook look just look at this beautifulpancake I want to my hands on it becauseit’s kind of got a little crackle she[Music]isn’t ready to flip yes stop flipping itlike that she’s a having no pancakesbecause she doesn’t know how to cook andI try having her I said flipping withone hand she don’t want to do that shewon’t do thislike no you don’t do thatthat’s the embarrassedyour corn that’s what she is a cornballI’m done by her this I just made oneokay so she’s gonna be washing the bowlwe used I watched everything else likethe cuts the measuring cups and yourteaspoons how this was about itwe heard of making for pancakes there’sthree we can probably do a mukbang withthis that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonnaend a video right here like comment andsubscribeand then the next video will be I’m likebeing of the dango cup cupcakes otherdang cold pancakes and it will let youknow how it tastes and all the otherstuff[Music]

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