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Trying to make bread – Day 34 at home

One day you wake up and there’s no more bread in the kitchen and no supermarkets… So I tried to make my own bread at home with UNY (my AI, watch the previous video 🙂 )

If you want to make your sourdough bread:
– 500g of flour, plus extra for dusting
– 150g of levain (sourdough starter)
– 1 tsp salt
– 300ml of water


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I finally have my routine goingAnd doing some exercisesI’m having fancy breakfastI mean so far so goodWell, this is what I thoughtOh no…UNY, we are out of breathCan you please find a good recipe?- Hey, mmm yes I found an easy one for youSounds good, let’s do itSo, you only need four ingredientsThe first and most important is flourNext, Leavin (starter), Salt and finally waterNow is the first step is to take 150 g of leavin- Done- Great, now you put the flour in a bowl and you add the saltNo no no, use the water to dissolve it- Ohh ok- Cool, now you can put the rest insideAnd you can also add the leavinOk, what should I do now?- Now you add the water, and start to blend everything togetherOh it’s hard..- You can use your hand, but only one- With just one hand? why?- Simply to keep the order clean- Ok, makes senseIt’s stuck on my hand- Use the thingy in front of youIt should be easierOk, now you take one side of your dough and you flip it on the other side- Hum, like this?- Yes greatNow do the same thing on the other side- bim- Cool, do it again a few times- It’s not that hard!Oh never mind- PerfectNow rotate the dough with your two handsNo start from the bottomYes, It’s betterNow we can put it back in the bowlTada!- Nice, now we have to wait 2h- 2?!- Yes..- Ok..Try to stay focused this timeFirst, remove the dough from the bowland start shaping your breadGreat, now you wait 30 minutes to let it grow a little more- What? Again!- Now let’s hydrate the breadTo make it shineand slash the top with a sharp knife- I try to do a “P”It’s pretty hard- Finally, put it in the oven- And hop! 20 minutesHey the bread is ready- Ok comingLook at thatIt’s greatPerfectLet’s go for the breakfastDo you like it?That is really good thank you

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