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Making pancakes for the first time😋

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

put your hands in there if you’re gonnalet her[Music]good morning today we’ll be makingpancakesum so first you want to start off withone cup of all-purpose flourand sugarsalt and i’m going to mix thisin with baking powder as wellcome back when i finish mixing itso we’re gonna mix it umand mix it in and then aftermixing i’m going to pour in milkmy cup of milkone cup of egg nut egg oneegg[Music]two tablespoons of oil[Music]i’m gonna mix this inmix it in welluntil everything mixed together[Music][Music]and i am going to[Music]um[Music]so now it’s bubbling um besides supposedto bubbleand kind of turn brown and then youcould be able toburn this one a little bit but yeah thisis what it’s supposed to come off[Music]all right let’s flip itwhat can i bringyou

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