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Making pancakes for the 1st time with my daughter

This was my daughter and I’s first time making pancakes!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

yes[Music]what up guys welcome back to the channeltoday I’m making pancakes eggs and baconwith my daughter and I really doingnothing she’s gonna be mostly doingeverything and uh I’ve never madepancakes before never a day in my lifeso really you ready all right so firstthing we got to do turn the oven off forthe bacon what are we supposed to put itat 400 my where’s your scissors it wherethe scissors go to that nice fine youall right here cut open a package ofbaconyeah cut it long boyshere lay down like that and then makesure you cut the classic tool all rightso you got this open all right so nowyou gotta put those in line in the worldyou don’t want to touch it okay you knowwhatoh hey put the chair back over here ormatter of how you can get out we got toput these in the oven how long should wecook baking because last time I burnt my[Music]right now it’s time to crack eggs youknow how to crack an egg I’m gonna begetting shells and stuff in them do apacket and throw it in a bowl well ifyou do I’ll just get it out there you gothrow it back in here you’re not get ashell okay so how many days are yougonna eatactually how many is you gonna eat sevenyou ain’t crackpot it was the last oneget back in herego wash your hands no no okay[Music]all right now you got to season it saltand pepper seasoning some pepper andthen mix it up very good what are thoseyes I’m sure that’s how you make these[Applause]now when you make or when you mix eggsyou gotta kind of do it like that notlike this you’re gonna order that angleand just scoop and do it in a circle youhave everything outside here I do likeprofessional all right[Music]me cooking here do we need a spatula forthe pancakes so now that we got the eggsso now that we got the eggs mixed upthey can’t can I see it nowhere you load it alright so now that wegot the eggs mixed up we can makepancake mix there’s about to be the hardpartso it’s six to eight pancakes you need 1cup of mix so it’s just it’s justpancake mixing water yeah I want you tomake these up we also have a lot ofstuff out about you and I know what weare doing you don’t know what you’redoing I’ve never made pancakes in mylife I’ve eat pancakesI’ve eaten pancakes go for six to eightpancakes we need one cup of meats withthe camera they add that a baking sodato that work who careslet me grab a bowl then we need 3/4 of acup of waterOhyou very long videos but today to make along because co2 greater with a littlecrystal get the 370 I used to water andmix in the bow to get rid of lumps[Music]formulas and important alright alrightwe’re about to pour the water in and wegot to mix it up BAM here you gonna mixit into there’s no bumps in itall right we got the pancake battermixed up what you think now we got theoven right not to over get the stoveturned on so we can get our pancakesmateysince you said that can I please hold itwhat because why – all right actuallybutterthink I did my stuff all rightyou turn this on I’m starting to smokebut we’re waiting on the pot to warm upshould be warned enough gonna spray itwith some ham here he wants Brandon Imiss boywhich onealright guys I got it I got ityeah but I didn’t just spray it directlyon thererightnownow about the poor pancakes on thereordoing a board up now here this kind ofhiddenI’ll pour it on therethis might be a bad it’s a lopsided damncake[Music]I thought it was going to be a perfectcircle[Music]- it does notyou’d probably do betterso we gonna let that bake on there forsecond I mean broyeahsoI think pancake is gonna be goodwhat do you dofarther aheadyou know they get scared when they getcaught when ain’t doing what ain’t don’twait doing something opposed to be doingwhat do you want no nothat Matt thank youall right how do you know when it’s timeto flip italright here’s a couple bubbles on topwe try to be funny yeah okay I see yourMatthew yeahgang game to see us a my pancakes lookbetter than yoursmildly better than your mama’s pancakesall right fake Asian that look like thatnot even gonna cut wood Marty’sgonna cut with no Kapiti he got hisbutter peel to peel the plastic back youcan butter it up put a wing Tanokay[Music]that bag and I write thatoh no I’m saying yeah[Music]hopefully stubborn Marin County[Music]these days real granny it’s not the fakestophe’s real brainyall right we’ve got the flip let me flipthis real quick burnt that one a littlebit because I was trying to be spaciousbut the attorneysfired down[Music]we got eggs done if you were reelinglike me got a little bit of that cheeseand I’m talking the cheese’s and beforeyou sit down and eat always make sureit’s an area that you cooked in hisflame so we don’t put out his stove backnobody wants to give fool they have toget up start cleaning that that’s whatmy wife does she like to cook and justleave everything dirty and then expectme to help her clean it up for me toclean it up like with it so I clean mystuff up as I go so as soon as I’m doneI can go chill I got a do manhow many will get you some baking moneybetter bake another bug which pancakethis one a big[Music]all right we bout to eat this breakfastI will let y’all know I taste itafterwards that was fire had to clean myplate that was my first time makingpancakes I’m gonna go what do you thinkyes good hi two pancakes put them cheeseeggs why tell you nobody in the citymeasured my cheesy that’s just factswe’re saying your mouth give me thatgive you what is dead I drop some eggsyou hungry if you liked this video makesure you subscribe hit this postnotification bill hit the like buttoncomment do all that and um we’ll see youon the next one man we out[Music]

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