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Reacting To “How To Make Chocolate pancakes” (My Old Video)

It’s The Worst Childhood ever to yell at my maid

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys it may remember fighters sotoday we’re you to see my old videos ofme wearing a blue shirt cuz blues myfavorite colorseeing me wearing a blue shirt andrecorded a video about how to makechocolate pancake you see a title theinternet bad so I know I don’t knowanythingoh I like I have a bad recorder editorby myself I would say so we’re justgonna see me wear a blue shirt withsomeone else I gots making chocolatepancakes I swear you put a syrup inthere to sleep anymore okayI need to put a little lot lower it’s soshe’ll do that I bet someone else pays Iwas my performance I counted my favoritelike I don’t like eggslike I like I’m like I’m not barely a Iknow that facechocolate no tellerI like Nutella bread so that’s what Ididbut instead I kind of I just don’t likethis video I felt like I had delayed ita long had to leave this video closedyeah it may be crazy that I don’t careeveryone laughs that I don’t caredont you judge me i don’t care everytime that she screamed cousin she wasjust standing there I had a bad sound ofa ha ha ha ha like the Hulk sound likethe birdI remember this time this reacted to oneof my videos this is the kitchen by theway in my roomyou got this a memory but uh oh I’m goodnight at me I remember I showed youtoday I wanted to tell you I wasn’tforcing you right away point fortnight’sI’m to like our band and you know whycause you know every country have agunshot so I could’ve hurt my feelings Icome as a friend I explained it’s mywonder why can’t I play and sheexplained it to me I can’t play becausepeople show goes and another one forchildren to play withsorry Freddy no I knows it was just toohilarious oh yeah I forgotI added like a chocolate about the rightone so I would look for tastier and alsodarker like higher though yeah I knowit’s different I used to say that takingmy mindokay cheesecakes[Music]I remember oh yeahI was actually pretty rude as a hyperchild 16 oh yeah I went to the bathroomby the way boy alright sorry but youguys gotta see how it looks like ShaneI’m Adam yeah I gotta find a place toput the camera oh hey that’s my old bedI love that a little bit until Iswitched in with the others you made meyou stupid bed oh yeah and the cupboardstill here but doesn’t have that jackettape and not that ball that coin ballyeah don’t leave my face right now butkind of Haydn’s left for a toy like allI need is a toilet Mike right rightright yeah you better be right oh and ahalf short time just because you knowthough my was taking a while and I lovelying down cuz I had plushies mom craftslike these no ignore the My Little Ponyignore the My Little Pony I need to mylittle pony I sayoh yeah and now has vegetables and myiPad screen is still with me this thisiPad screen was still with me oh my godI am so I need to Bears myself a I loveyou oh oh yeah bear legs by the way Istill have bare legs she still may bemad at me just put in the chords but shedoesn’t got ticked off now that sheplayed away I really picked up okay whattime is it oh my god did I takeI’m packing by the way what’s really hotso I can’t try to eat it but my stomachwas hurting that time because the toomuch chocolate made me sick of it so Istopped eating chocolate a wildI hate beatbox and I know I’m a bad beatboxer alright guys so today we’re gonnabeat box everywhere oh yeah I noticed Iwas almost got a touch of fire oh my godI remember I yelled at her so loud I wasjust too embarrassed I was shouting Ithink I was cool come onbecause I need before they many girls onmy pleaseI remember I was making myself a bit madand I’d shut so just for making pancakesoffer dis yelling joke the makingpancakeoh my god don’t you put this on I’mgonna make it smell bad well while I wassmoking[Music]I’m just like my closet telling my my myguy forgot to close I was just wish diedbut I just want to look at this likeIvan with the pancakes I can’t make themanymore cuz that’s a small enough don’thave enough chocolate go come on go fastoh yeah sorry to of to too young toshout everyone oh yeah yeah oh my godjust say oh my god all you want I don’teven know how to be yeah how to makechocolate pancake is the worst everhappens all I ever made I wanted to eatit so much for watches and then I’mgonna delete it after an hour or so yepI wash my handsall right guys I’ll be right back I’llbe right back guys don’t you worry[Music]sorry guys some family-friendly[Music]sorry guys and the batter I take what Ihad to make a banana cake therefore disbut more weight IV startedalright let’s go a little bit fastforwardit’s time for taking long by the waysorry for taking one I would never livenow wasn’t actually washing my hands Ithink so yeah you guys might be thinkingwhat’s a life well guys this lightamazing that light to put up the shadethat place have a shake showed shinytray by blocking it because I wannathree plus the pancake look what it doeslook like a bar alright a bar Oh was Ithinking for this oh yeah14 minutes I hated myself after fourgames let’s don’t try this at home okaytry it againoh yeahI’ll show you chocolatey thinking ohyeah must’ve little bit about Tish andguys just know a good time maybeskipping a minute skipping a minute ohoh waitoh yeahwell guys I think that’s it for todayinside for being a bit slices slow but Ijust skip that part because it was a bitembarrassing that time it looked like Iwas fighting wellguys make sure to subscribe like hit thebell and enjoy the videos like this ifyou want to watch any more videos Iwould make some more if you put turkeylegs it steps ok if you can then puteach slide you pick up ten lights andtwenty beer without saying well bye guyshave fun[Music]

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