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Making pancakes at 4am

This video was actually the 4th vlog I filmed. The reason I’m posting it here on day 1 is because I alllllmost bitched out of doing these vlogs. I didn’t like the result of the 3 so I was going to scrap them, but I decided I was just going to continue on from this episode and still put out the old ones I didn’t like as extra material you guys can binge watch! Thanks for checking in with me guys you guys are the best. Follow me on Instagram at @therealferociousfed

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Video Transcription

good morning everybody I announced that
I was doing this new vlog series on my
youtube channel and I had filmed a few
episodes and today was supposed to be
the day of the first episode which it is
I’m not giving up but that original vlog
series after watching it over a few
times I didn’t feel like it put out that
same message that I was going for it
didn’t put out that message that I was
trying to portray and I didn’t like that
I didn’t want people to see my vlogs and
get a different message than the message
that I was trying to put out so I’m
refilling a new series and that’s what
I’m gonna be putting out for you guys so
I bought a little $15.00 tripod to film
from Walmart and I came missing pieces
and the pieces that it came in were
not even the pieces that was on the
instructions so I just had to like break
myself up something and tape it it’s my
second time retaping it or whatever’s
make do it what you got you know I’m
saying so the first thing I do when I
wake up in the morning is I do some
freestyle yoga meditation exercises just
really anything whatever I feel like
whatever my body feels like doing when I
say yo I’m not certified in the new yoga
I haven’t really participated in too
many yoga classes but I just do what
feels right stretch my daughter just
won’t go come on here
it is 4 o’clock in the morning right now
what are you doing crazy
she’s tired some people were irritable
meditation I’ve been meditating you’ve
been meditating meditation is a state in
my eyes meditation is a state meditation
is uh is a state of mind that you put
yourself in a state of awareness
you’re just in that you just get
yourself to that trance-like state
between sleep and a week and
it’s a peaceful it’s a peaceful place
I promise guys you do this every single
morning you’re gonna start to see the
changes in your body and not only that
but you’re going to see the changes in
your emotions in your thinking your
whole life is gonna be different once
you start meditating doing yoga you know
and even if you don’t want to meditate
into yoga just start waking up earlier
exercise do something inactive go for a
jog you don’t gotta you don’t got to do
wake up and read a book
wake up and have some coffee wake up it
go outside and just be in nature I mean
do something
try something you change up your routine
once you start going there promise
you’re not going to stop
you all here again
she likes the visuals
it’s so fun like
I mean she wakes up here and there but
she was not usually she doesn’t usually
wake up and stay off issues they read
except I go back to see so just
coincidentally I guys I’m trying to film
this which is not because she’s a real
this girl wants me to make her pancakes
at for him
alright I get someone to make her
Payne is Ricky
all right on the way to the gym let’s
get this day started yes uh uncle junior
how could you know good morning this is
one guy I really appreciate having in my
life a joker
okay we’re just gonna shadowbox for a
little bit warm up yeah
it’s gonna be a good day
my girlfriend’s heading off to work I
have no idea I can look for literally
put an alarm on my phone to let me know
that it’s cuddle time I’m open up some
windows let some light in here that’s
what she gets for waking up at 4 a.m.
and eating pancakes anyways I gotta get
some chores done so thank you guys for
waking up with me once again have a good
I love all you guys thank you for
watching my videos

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