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Cookin’ at Home with Culinary Artistas: Baked Pancakes

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Learn how to make pancakes in the oven!

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Video Transcription

[Music]ah we thought it might be really fun togive you a recipe that you should thinkthat’s a breakfast any time of the dayright there’s lunch breakfast for dinnerit’s for breakfast but these are specialthey pancake recipe that we thoughtwould be fun for you to make for you andyour perhaps so we get started firstthing you’re gonna wanna do is pre-heatyour oven your adult assistants gonnarepeat that oven to 400 degrees so it’sready whenever you’ve achieved yourmission make pancakesthe other thing you’re gonna want to dois gather together just a couple oftools we’re gonna grab just a couple ofbowls maybe a whisk if you might onehome and I’ll send your tuning forkcutting board and at night if you havemonkey but also just use a butter knifeor whatever our kids shell knives whenwe sell here at so they’re too good I’vebeen to dis a couple measuring tools weneed a tablespoon a teaspoon a copmeasuring then we’re going to talk abouthard key the things that you’re going toneed for our big pancakes are relativelysimple you have the option to add in allkinds of different mix things if youlike and if you’re really excited abouta particular ingredient you can even adda little extra we’re gonna gathertogether our dry ingredients which isgoing to be powdered sugar baking powdercornstarch and flourwhat ingredients you’re going to needare going to be milk buttermilk happeneggs olive oil vanilla we’re gonna meltthe butter for canola oil and thenwhatever different you have left over inthe house that’s gonna go on and if youhave some maples here at them why don’tI let you guys go grab those thingsyouso my friends the first thing you’regonna want to do after you reheatedhomage let him wash your hands here thewater recommend I hope you’re scrubbingreally well 20 seconds when you’re donewash gear and come back into it thefirst thing you’re gonna want to do andlet me show you a special trick I knowthis a little bit imagine if you don’thave butter don’t get home my favoriteyou can transform just regular old milkit’s about accomplished one employee youneed an impressive what can happen as itis something like you could use lemonjuice you can use rice lime in it in ourcase we’re just going to use a littlebit of apple cider so we’re going to useher cup of liquid we’re going to use onetablespoon or in our case what’s gonnahappen if buttermilk it’s gonna betransformed from milk into sourbuttermilk is just a sour look so you’llsee we’re a big tools I use bourbon isstarting to happen the milk and the fatin the milk is starting to separate thatacid triggers a separation and somereally cool stuff starts to happen itlooks like a cloudy thunderstorm isgoing on in our companyplease enjoy this I hope that super funbut you gotta let for just 10 minutes sowhile that’s resting and transforming ora magic trick we’re going to startwhisking together the rest of our wet inreading to put together our wetingredients so everybody recognizes thisguy what animal makes this so good we’regonna use our beautiful organic egg youjust eat one for our recipeI like white and yolk a little bit moreprotein a little bit more fat it alwaysmakes things my favorite color togetherthe white appeal and now I get to add ina little bit of another fact this isolive oil if you wanted you couldactually just use butter whatever youhave in your pantry we’re going to useneeds you now is a now to this liquidyou guessed it now he could be a littlebit extravagant with your vanilla teas Ididn’t use a whole teaspoon because Ilove the smell and flavor up until doneit’s another very tasty by itself don’ttry itit’s not very intuitive guide all themedia specially sugar so we’re gonnawhisk that make sure you give it a nicesmell so good and by now our buttermilkis almost readyI’m gonna give it a little stir so youcan see how much the conduct create aseparate so we’ve got our butter milkone cup is going into our Bowland your job is to make it all one colorso please catch any without spilling atall until it all becomes one color oneconsistency if you see some bubblesawesome that means that you incorporateda little bit of air well it’s startingto smell so good already friend I meanit aside our wet ingredients now we’regoing to work on the second half whichis our dry now I already mentioned thesealready but do you remember I bought oneshiny jar of flour wow it comes to usfrom a special plant anybody know whatthat point is you said meat you’reabsolutely right the wheat plant givesus our flower but if you can’t havewheat or you don’t have any for our athome you could totally use old flour orcoconut flour or almond flour anythingwill do but I’m trying to measure itquite exactly so I use a spoon to placethe flour into my measuring cup and thekarate chop over the back of the spoonmy flour goes into my bowlnow I’m gonna add a few teaspoons ofbaking powder just 1/2 teaspoons is allI need baking powder is a magicalingredient just like we made that magicof buttermilk baking powder transformsour hankie it helps everything extremewhere high is up in the oven when liquidhits our baking power it actually has achemical reaction and it creates bubblesthose bubbles get trapped in our batterand make the pancake runs food is socool guys I’m glad you decided to dothis today we’re going to use the nextingredient this is called corn starchanybody want to take a guess where cornstarch going on what budget gives uscorn starch if you said pouring you’reabsolutely correct it doesn’t look veryyellow but it has a really cool texturereally cool consistency it’s like verydense rye flour and the corn starch youcan hope picking up our batter a nicelittle chew what you chew in here giveit a really nice texture down with ourcorn starch I’ve got my flour and bakingpowder and I’m gonna use my wrists againagain if you don’t have a whisk at homefeel free to the fork it does exactlythe same trick we’re trying to get outall the lumps and bumps here friends notI’ll dry ingredient I am chefs themoment you had constantly before you gowe season and have a pretty bit of ourfood with this ingredient what is thiscalled salt salt wakes up our taste budsit helps us to taste all the otherdelicious ingredients we are in quitthat’s why pancake batter it’s going tohelp us see the vanilla even more andsome of that butter milk flavor so themagic will really work whisk it alltogether no it’s just this simplefriends I’ve got my dry and then got mygut so I mean my dry into my wet and I’mgoing to start mixingit’s okay there few lumps and bumps andif you need a little help while you’remixing feel free to ask your adultsous-chef to be insistent we’re going totry and get most of the lumps and bumpsout but don’t worry if they’re a fewleft you don’t want to over mix yourbatter if you over mix your batter youdo something calledactivating with gluten activating thegluten is a really long way of sayingyour pancakes get a little bit hard thewheat can turn very hard it can mix ittoo much like overworking it so we’remissing missing I’m going to mix forfive more seconds count with me 1 2ready if you make a slightly largeramount of making fire you can totallybake this right on the cookie sheets youhave 1/4 cookie sheet at home one ofthose smaller cookie sheet totally workbut we’re gonna use just earth or basiclittle lasagna I’m going to spread alittle bit of butter on if you are youwatch that enough that you know that youdon’t have to use these fancy brushes ifyou don’t have one you can totally justuse a spoon to spread butter onto thebottom of your candy anybody want toguess why we use butter on the bottom ofour pan before you add the batter ithelps our batter not to stick and itdoes something even cooler it helps tomake our pancakes a little bit crispy onthe edges the fat the butter like thesefries our pancake batter in the oven sowe’re going to add our pancake batter innext again feel free to ask your adultsyou shop to help you if you need thempopcornour batter right into the skin you guysI’m so exciteddelicious now let’s talk about some ofthe things you could also mix itor sprinkle on top if you love you wouldabsolutely put a little pinch ofcinnamon into your batter if you lovechia seeds you could sprinkle those ontop if you love oh so it makes it alittle bit of both ending here for alittle blast of protein if you love somefresh fruit we’re gonna chop them up toput on top you could mix some of thatgrind in even a little tablespoon out ofsauce would be delicious so you get toplay with this recipe love to see whatyou come up with this is going to gointo the oven but I love it you couldhelp take a few photos and pulse to ourour social media Instagram Facebookwhatever you’re allowed to use and tagus hashtag culinary artis this so we cansee what you’re making it home and besuper proud of you I’m going to put thisin the oven right okay palca gals whileour pancakes are in the oven we’re goingto make sure that we make a beautifultopic so go ahead and grate your fridgeif there’s some very blood over from asnackie dinner yesterday there’s someapple slices utility or maybe there’sorange left over in the fridge todaywe’re going to use the best part aboutbanana is you get to peel a little bitnaked I’m gonna put my banana peel intothe compost we’re going to talk abouthow we’re gonna slice this up but beforewe can do that let’s talk about totalhold our knife with whatever life youhave at home make sure you’re using apinch grip to hold on exactly a pinchgrip and look like an okay sign wrapsaround the blade and right in front ofthe little handle bars of thethat’s called the bolster we’re gonnapaint on that rap Aryans around almostlike we’re holding on to a microphone orevery we’re gonna use something calledthe bear claw yeah it’s totally incharge of helping to hold on to whateverfood you have now the reason we don’tstick our finger tips out like this isbecause somebody could happen it alsohelps us get perfectly straight cut sowe’re gonna put on a bear claw I like tocut banana about the top of bias biasjust means it means you get a longerpiece and it looks really pretty checkit out so I’m gonna slice my knife backimportant you’ll notice I’m walkingslowly back and forth I’m not bangingaround very carefully it’s really a bombpretty oval shape so I’m going to setthose in my bowl I’m gonna have onefirst snap it’s deliciouswe’re having a snack with me too and I’mgonna add them into my bowl if you don’thave banana that’s okay find some otherfresh fruits that you love even tried tobe fun maybe you have things or dates orraisin devil the next thing I’m gonna beworking on is strawberries so deliciousnow when you get your strawberrywouldn’t make sure to give them a littlehaircut I’m going to take off thatbeautiful – are you have a little flatsurface that you can use the cutstrawberry make sure the black surfacegolden you’re boring know what goes onyour work it’s very important to keep ussafe now I’m going to use my bridgesliced strawberry in half I can leavethem just like that beautiful no heartor I can keep slicing you die of anotherflat surfacepretty Spears you can add that to mystrawberry I’m also going to use somebeautiful fresh berries here and theseare called anybody know black berrieslook like a great big bunches of grapesthey’re so delicious and when you cutthem in halfcheck this out let’s use our bridgeagain when you see these sunflowersthick gorgeous and you can use thosepretty flowers on top of your pancakeshow many flowers and all we’re gonna mixthem with our berries we are going toget to add a little bit of sugar to thissugar sugar a little bit of sweet sugarthis is powdered sugar powdered sugar isjust pulverize sugar again mixed up in ablender it’s just regular sugar but itdissolves a lot fasterso you mix this all together and have adelicious dish will notice powderedsugar does a really good job ofdissolving that’s why we like to make apicnic weekly you can also use agave orhoney if you prefer and that makes adelicious fresh fruit topic for ourpicking make it more sweeter and let’sgo take a look at our pancake sistersthey come on alright friends here we arejust a quick half hour later these bakedpancakes are in the oven for about 15minutes depending on your oventemperature and depending on the pan dewhose here’s making a little longermaybe a little bit best time what I waslooking for was that gorgeous goldenbrown crunchy color all the way aroundthe outside and how would I really donow something sort of fun you don’t haveto do it this way you can totally justcut your big pancakes and displayers andcall it a day but for me it’s kind offun to make shapes out of my thinking soI’m gonna take cookie cutters and I’mgonna make a few shapes and pop onto myplate the leftover crunchy bits or youcan top your pancakes with a cute littlecircle make another shape if you haveany cookie cutters lying around thehouse and I’ll do the time to breakthose suckers out your adult assistantcan help you with this and you just wantto make sure that the pan itself isreally cool big if you don’t have cookiecutters at home it’s okay check this outyou can totally use the juice Cup asyour circle cookie cutter and you canpunch out that way as well is your extrasecond pancakenow what you can do is top with whateveryou want you might have noticed I didn’tuse any sugar in the battered recipe butwhat you can do with your adultassistants approval is use what you havein the house to top I’m going to use agothic you could use maple syrup youcould use honey or you could even use alittle powdered sugar so I drizzle justa little bit of agave overtop I like tomake pretty spiderweb shape so it looksreally pretty on the plate I’m gonnaused on that gorgeous fruit that we cutup a little bit earlier it’s beensitting and masturbating that’s a reallybig word for sugar got added and somejuice came out macerated our fruit witha little bit of sugarremember kids definitely try this athomeok now that he has kept ladies dosed theperfect topping I’m gonna make it snowon top of smell this from your screen Ihope my friends would be oh yeah thankyou for watching and we hope you enjoyedand are still saying States wash yourhand after this before this and thenagain later thank youyou

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