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Making pancakes 🥞 🥞

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Video Transcription

[Music]you guys just saw me and Gavin’s videoare our overnight chin Yash and – wesaid that we’re doing it on videosomeone making pancakes guys look at thetitle you can tell no hey guys the firstday it’s a mess because camera just madeeggs so let’s get right into it as workback in we got this stuff we got theeggs we got some milkGavin got the spatula and you got to mixwe awesome oh you forgot about the boomwhere’s the boy I forgot to say welcomeback to Dylan’s cooking show this is ourfirst time this yes we need two eggsdrinks duh thank youokay given crack the other me yes okayno the other person okayokay ashtray kimeta 10 likes on thisvideoyeah how much likes do you want youGavin wants one like on his videotrigonsone like Gavin get that napkin out ofhere[Music]okay guys we’ll be right back when umwe’re done mixing okay then you guysdon’t want to watch this grab her backand Gavin’s got pancakes um oh my godthis is a bad ideacareful carefuld’argo goodoh yeah do you want one thing to do tothere yeah you can make more get up nolet’s just wait now beer back[Music]okay guys I’m gonna be pouring now thisis what not to dogood jobyour Becca I’m Matt and this is the bigkick then I that won’t be okay guys yeahwe’ll get right back into it I’ll showyou guys how it tastes okay until youguys solid taste so[Music]so Mike just described and turn on postnotifications they know when I post anddrop it again me I’m 200 subscribers andI’ll do evil way Xbox to give away $10Xbox a buddy or anything else but heyguys so it’s gonna be the ends of thevideo soyou

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