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Making pancakes 🥞 ❤️💯

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Video Transcription

[Music]what’s up Ryan what’s up Brian nation sotoday I’m back with another video so andtoday’s quarantine day number two so Ihave my sister faked here I’m gonna tryto put her link in the description faithnation so let’s go hey guys so I putsome water here no time to mixand – the stove so it keeps on freakingalright guys so I got my water in hereand I’m just gonna have mix let youwatch oh please excuse melike[Music]you guys I think Verizon even on herbirthday because her birthday’s comingup in this on there[Music]look nothing to do[Music][Music][Music][Music]okay[Music]she actuallyall right so I’m gonna flip them now[Music][Music]come back to you guys when are youmaking another edge but do you want meto teach you how to edit okaybanks are trying to messed upalright guys so I’ve already put anotherpaper here so and I just gave my brotherone of the pancakes recipe was home soyeah okay guys let’s flip this one rightnowyeah my sisterokay guys so this is gonna be my lastgame because off-camera I made someother ones so I’m surprised[Music]

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