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Making Fluffy Japanese Pancakes With Dan Levy, Stephanie Beatriz And Brandi Milloy-Simon

TV host and lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy shows Stephanie Beatriz, Dan Levy, and Kelly Clarkson how to make the trendiest breakfast treat of the moment: fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes. They’re perfect for your tummy, and your Instagram story!

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Video Transcription

– Breakfast is literally my favorite meal,it’s not one of, it’s my favorite meal of the day.I can eat it any time,and that’s the best part about it,is that you can really eat breakfast any time of the dayor night,and the number one food trend of 2020 proves this true.Here to expand our culinary horizonsand explain, please welcome TV host and lifestyle expert,Brandi Milloy.Come on!(audience applauding)I’m so excited you’re here.- I’m so excited to be here.- So, what is the number one food trend,what are we making?- In 2020, it is all aboutJapanese Souffle Pancakes!They are larger than life— [Kelly] My mouth just watered— They are high, they are light,they are airy, they are delicious.And I think when it comes to food trends— Makes me feel thinner,I just like it yeah.Sounded thin.- Zero calories, fat free.When it comes to food trends,it’s all about things that look good,taste good, and Instagrammable, right?Like do you knowthere’s like the Ube is making an appearance,matcha,rainbow foods,all sorts of foods from Asia,so in 2020, it’s all about souffle pancakes from Japan,they’re larger than life,they’re big, they’re fluffy, they’re delicious.Yes.- [Dan] They smell delicious.(audience applauding)- You were both actually in Japannot too long ago right?- Yes I was.- Did you have these pancakes there?- I didn’t,but my husband recently made this accidentally.- [Dan] What do you mean accidentally?- He’s very good in the kitchen,and sent me a photo on my phone,and I was like, “Is that a Japanese”–yeah, he’s the guy at the restaurant,he has a hashtag, hosseats, that’s his hashtag.Yeah he takes a lot of pictures of food.- Okay. – So did you try them?- No!He ate them by himself.- That’s like me.A lot of my friends are gluten intolerant,so I’m like, well I guess I’ll take them all then.(laughing)- Lucky me!- I don’t know how we ended up here,but I’m the only one that can eat I guess.(laughing) – So wait, let’s get started,what are we doing first? – Let me show you first.So we already have our batter in our mixer down there,and what’s great is the mixer is gonna aerate themand put a whole bunch of air into the batterthat gives them the height.So we’re just gonna pulse this for a couple seconds.Get it nice and mixed.- Do a nice pulse.- [Brandi] Hey periwinkle, pulse.- [Dan] It’s sounding really nice.- [Kelly] All right, what’s next?- So now it’s nice and fluffyand then we’re just going to,Kelly if you could help me hold this.I actually made these this morning with my two year old.Ooo, hold up.You might have to use the ladle, it might be easier.- [Dan] Then what?- They’re hard to pourbecause they are so thick,so keep going.I’ll do one more.- All right so how— How are you guys doing down there?- Great, we’re doing great.- How’s your arm feeling?- Feels good.- Is it heavy?- [Kelly] I feel like this counts as a workout.- Okay so once we’ve filled those ring molds,they’ve already been greased,we’re using the griddle,I’ll put this over here.- So how long do you wait until you flip it?- You’re gonna wait about three or four minutes.- You’re really serious about this right now.- So you get it, it’s already hot,you put it on there, you wait three or four minutesand then you flip it? – You wanna cook about half,and then I already have some ready over here,and the ring molds are gonna be warm,so y’all down there,make sure you use the towel.- Bare hands?- Bare hands, just burn yourself.- Bare hands?Tongue.(laughing) I’ll pick it up with my mouth.- And flip them over.- Oh my gosh, that looks really good.- Aren’t these so fun.And this is the partyou definitely don’t want the kiddos to dobecause I made these this morning with my daughter— I’m gonna be honest,watching you flip that, I might not be ready for that eitherbut it’s fine.So then, after it gets done warming up,then you can do toppings.- Yes, let them continue cookingfor like three to for minutes— Yeah!(laughing)- I’m pretty sure this isn’t the way to do it.- [Kelly] Okay so these are ready for us, right?- yes, so we already made some.(audience cheering) – [Kelly] So I’m doing this.- [Brandi] Do you wanna start stacking?- Oh you stack them?- Do like three.- Oh!I am into your portions child.Okay.- Okay, join us and do the fun stuff.- So do three,yeah, I don’t wanna touch your,I mean I washed my hands,but you know you might wanna touch your own.- How fun are these?- Yes, I like it.- [Brandi] You can do— So we can do whatever we want.- [Brandi] Like sweet toppings, savory— [Kelly] Is this chocolate?- [Brandi] Chocolate sauce.- Oh it’s warmed up y’all, that’s kindness.- All right here’s what’s gonna happen— Mango, gooseberries, you can even dolike the salty sweet, with bacon.- [Dan] Can I do a layer thing?- If anybody wants potato chips.In 2019 Kelly, food trends were all about like,ginormous and super sized in foods.- [Stephanie] We’re children right now,we are straight up children.- I actually, I love my job is what I love.- 2020, it’s more about things that arethe mighty bite.I’m making mine look like a birthday cake.- Mighty bites.- A mighty bite, like a mighty wind.(laughing)- You guys have got to take a bite of this.- We’re fine.Okay I’m taking a bite now.- [Stephanie] I’m doing it too.- Okay.Okay I’m not doing well though.- You might need some help.What’s great is like restaurants in New Yorkare making these, L.A.,but if you want you can just make them at home.- That is so good.- It is very good.- That’s not breakfast.- They’re slightly sweet.- I mean— This is not breakfast?- This is cake.- I just like to eat dessert first,and then I know I have room in my belly.Because if I wait— No, I need a sweet and savory bite for bite.

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