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How to make Easy Vegan Pancakes by Jaynes Imperfect Vegan Living

As it is coming up to #pancakeday I thought I would show you How to make #easyveganpancakes. Get ready for #shrovetuesday and make lots of #veganpancakes. Having said that they are perfect anytime of the year.

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay might seem safe well hello todayI’m making vegan pancakes as it’s comingup to pancake day I thought I wouldshare with you this pancake recipe sofirst of all you get your blender allset up and you use two cups of almondmilk then you use two tablespoons oflemon juice 2 cups of generalall-purpose flour 2 teaspoons of bakingpowder 1/2 a teaspoon of bicarbonatesoda each one pitch to two pinches ofsalttwo teaspoons of cinnamon 2 teaspoons ofbrown sugar and one banana wheneverything started[Applause][Music]Oh[Music][Applause]it’s just ready to go and cakes soon Igave the fried pancakes use coconutwield a frying panturn your whole bond and wait for it toget really hot I’ve got some things toput in I’m going to sprinkle some driedfruit on the top whilst I’m cooking butblue breeze will do as wellgolden syrup to go on the top sprinklingof lemon juice a sprinkling of sugar togo on the topI’ll just get a spoon ready for thesugar so the fat is coconut oil ismeltingnice cover on the bottom of the pan waitfor that all that to goand then I turn it down to number sevenwhich is a fairly hot top and pour someof the pancake mixture into the fryingpan about that much and then at thisstage we’ll sprinkle your dried fruit oryour blueberries or whatever else youfancy and leave it for two minutes[Music]so that’s now been two minutes on thatside and I’m going to flip it over to dotwo minutes on the other side[Music]okay so the two minutes are up on thissite as well so I’m just going to flipit onto the platethere we are have a quick sprinkle oflemon juice fold it over sprinkle sugarand maybe if you want you can have somegolden syrup as well[Music]okay so here we are vegan pancakes readyfor a pancakes a let’s just try it I dolike these superstitions mmm absolutelydeliciousI’m very easy to make if you’ve enjoyedwatching this with you please like shareand subscribe to my channel to watchmore videos like this thank you verymuch bye[Music]Oh[Music][Music]

13 Replies to “How to make Easy Vegan Pancakes by Jaynes Imperfect Vegan Living

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  2. speaking of pancakes next week is Pancake Tuesday then the day after that is Ash Wednesday aka the beginning of Lent

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  5. OH SNAP, it’s Brandi from PopSugar! (Travesty they let her go, way to sink your own ship!) Can’t believe the kid is 2 NOW?!

  6. OK, but what was the recipe for that “batter”? There is no recipe nor a link to it in the “show more” section. Nice to watch but no juice –> /thumbsdown

  7. I actually think that when in a show it doesn’t matter of what they demonstrate how to make a meal and don’t give access to the recipe is a fraud, like you’re moking of the viewer

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