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Make Pancakes My Way!!

Firstly, thank you guys for loving all of the videos I make. Please keep loving my videos the same way.

Today I made pancakes without using eggs. I am soo INTELLIGENT!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel andmy name is Radhika and today we aregoing to make egg less pancakes and asyou know what people say that we cannotmake pancakes without eggs the clears adomain ingredient of a pancake its eggsbut no we are gonna change the mind andwe are gonna make pancakes without eggsso guys in order to make this pancake weneed some self-raising flour and I haveused two full bowls of the size okay wewould need some sugar some baking powdersome salt some milk and it’s almost likeabove half of the cup and we would needsome butter you can use any butter youwant okay so guys the first thing weneed to do is we need to get the selfraising flour okay and before we startactually putting some things in it weneed to like like mixer so I’m gonnajust very lightly not much and then weget sugar sugar I’m using plain sugarwhite sugar and we’re gonna put so I’mputting one teaspoon and then 1/2 ateaspoon more because this is whathappens you need the pancakes to besweet okay you can also use powderedsugar but I’m using normal sugar thenyou need baking powder and I’m gonnaopen this baking powder and I’m gonnaput about like almost a very little inhere and this is a bit more a bit yesokay and I’m putting baking powder sothat it gets like a flaw in thatpancakes okay and then I’m gonna putsome salt we’re gonna use the same spoonare we gonna put about that much saltit’s about like water 3/4 ofthe spoon then we’re gonna sprinkle itin okay now we’re gonna shift theingredients together so let me just dothat so guys I mean while I have warmedmy milk up and I’ve put some butter init and I want until the butter getsmelted okay now I’m gonna gradually addmy milk with butter in my slower and I’mgonna mix as well so I’m putting alittle at a timedon’t a lot and now I’m gonna mix it umso guys you keep on mixing your batteruntil it has no lumps in it a mine seemsto have some more lumps and some lookfor some more milk in it so uh keepplaying little milk and I’m gonna mix ituntil there are no lumps in my batterand then I’m even gonna start folding itand I’m gonna get all of my flourokay so yeah I’m gonna keep mixing thatso guys my batter is ready and it is avery very fluffy and as you can see andI have even turned on my heat and it’s amedium flame so a better um see that andplease guys please have a littlesupervision but while you’re doing thatand now my parent is is very hot it’snot very hot it’s hot and that I’meventually you’re gonna pour my batterin so I’m gonna take one spoon and I’mgonna put my batter in it and then I’mgonna roll it a bit out okay now I needto keep rolling it right so guys mymirror is in as you can see it’s in nowI’m gonna let it cook and then I’m gonnaflip it so guys now I’m gonna flip mypancake war army comesperfectly okay it’s a brown it’s a bitbrown okay and yeah so I’m gonna makefour to five ten cakes now so guys asyou can see my pan my pancakes are yousuccess look at that it looks sodelicious I’m making more deliciouswhy not top it up with some bananapieces so let’s go and get somethingnada so guys this is how I like mypancakes with some bananas top with itand yeah you can also use strawberriesraspberries or blueberries or you caneven use syrups like a maple syrup onyou trailer but yeah so I’m sure it willtaste delicious because it looksdelicious and I’ll see you next timegood bye[Music]

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