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Zoom Zoom and Bake with Amanda Scrivner
Challah Bread Part 2 — Braiding and Baking

Zoom Session 1: 9 am — Mixing and kneading dough (30 min)
Between session 1 and 2: Let dough rise for 1 hour
Zoom Session 2: 10:30 am — Braid dough, let rise for another hour and then bake!

Take picture of Challah bread and share! #otfgzoomandbake

Classic Challah Ingredients:

2 x 1 lb challahs or
12 small challah rolls

1 cup very warm water
1/4 cup sugar
2 tsp granulated yeast
2 cups + 1 1/4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
2 tsp table salt or sea salt
2 Tbsp canola oil
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 large egg + 1 egg yolk

For glaze:
1 egg, well beaten with 1 tsp water

Optional Challah Toppings:
Poppy seeds or sesame seeds

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Video Transcription

is it ready alright so a quick lookagain at what the poop dough looks likeit’s about twice the size of the doughball that went into the bowl and when Iput my finger in it it doesn’t springback it stays bent it if you do put yourfinger in it and it comes right back itmeans that your dose hasn’t relaxedenough or risen enough and so it needs alittle bit more time if your doughdidn’t get very big it could be that youjust had it in a cooler part of yourkitchen and it’s rising more slowly Iput mine in a very mildly warm oven butthe oven was off of course it wasn’tbaking but just to create kind of anincubation space for the bread to forthe dough to rise and so when it’s anhour later when it’s double in volumeyour your spot if it’s in a cold placeit will rise slower so if you want togive it more time you can that’s totallyfine but if you want to go ahead andwork with it and give it a go let’s goahead and do that so what I’ve done tostart with is I’ve dusted my counteragain lightly with flour just take ateaspoon over to the flour in betweenyour fingers and just sprinkle it allover the surface doesn’t have to be doneand then get some flour on your handsnow we can take the dough and we canpull it out onto the countertop you needa little dose great I’ll get mine out ofthe bowlyoubut the dough since you coated it withcanola oil should release pretty evillet me show you the underside of mydough there’s a lot of bubble holes andstuff like that you can see how soft itisit’s very pliable and that’s exactlywhat you want to be working with now ifI started meeting this again like I didin the previous lesson it would gettight and less elastic the dough isreally relaxed and it’s going to be veryeasy to form and shape so what we’regoing to do is we’re going to cut thedough into three equal portions and ifyou really want to get exact about ityou can use any pardon me you can use akitchen scale the kind of to weigh outeach sectionbut if you eivol it and get to theapproximate size that should be enoughso we’re going for three equal piecesand we’re going to braid them togetherand show you the process for dinner soI’m going to cut you can use a knife orif you have a dough scraper like this abench scraper that works really easy tojust push it through the dough so all Idid was just about three equal portionsand it’s okay if they don’t wait exactlythe same thing if they’re really closeto the same weight or the same sciencethat’s gravy perfect for braiding yourchallah so then the next thing you’regoing to do is I’m gonna take one ofthese at a time and I’m going to startto roll them on my countertop into along rope measuring tape you guys have aruler and you want to measure it outthat’s good I have like a little kitchenmeasuring tape or or things like thatand then I just lay it on the counterand as I’m rolling the dough out I canget the approximate like my new tracksand does stampy inkylet me clean it this really quick I wantto see kind of how that’s how long itwill get a little bit too much flour andmy camera stops and we’re gonna dustsome of it away that’s kind of temptingto smush the dough and get all of theair out you’re working with it but tryto refrain from doing that because allof the flavor is in the gas that theyeast isn’t introducing ulster so youwant to keep that in the air thank youso this is what the original piecelooked like and I just rolled it may beten times back and forth with those withmy hands I like you would with a rollingpin strike a cooler so you want thecountertop to be a little bit of alittle little bit slickness to it Iguess it’s going to slide on the flourwhat’s on the counter and the dough isgonna be so subtle that it will justgenerally it’ll just roll out veryeasilyyou won’t have to tug on it or pull thatit so I have this about 16 inches orMike and it’s about a little less than 2inches in diameter and make a nice fatstrand for the braid so that strandnumber one yeah take the second piecefor gentle pressure so there they areyou know this one’s a little skinnierthan the others but it’s not going to beyou know such a problem when we braid itanything like that so it’ll work outjust fine so the next thing I’m gonna dois I’m going to set up for braiding itand ordinarily 8 we break from the topdown to the bottom but there’s a trickto making it come out really evenlooking top to bottomand let’s show you you you’re setting upcrisscross pattern here so if you wantto cross your ropes to look somethinglike this then what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna braid up one side and we’regonna break down the other sideand it’ll come out looking like a reallynice even local yeah okay perfect soinstead of braiding it over like wetypically do or rating somebody’s hairfor this one we’re gonna braid underokay just sort of sliding it’s alwaysthe outside one that goes to the middleonce you get to the end just pinch andtuck so again the outside one is goingto go might turn out quite long andit’ll probably come up quite a bit morelater so mine ended up being about a 16inch braid just because I ended upmaking my strands so long but that’sokay again the bread is going to tastedelicious it’s gonna look beautifulanother way it’s super forgiving so evenif you think it could have been nicerchances are it’s just fine perfect okayso once everybody’s got their dough ontheir pans now it’s time to paint pastrybrush or your silicone brushwhichever and you’re going to dip it inthis is your egg plus one teaspoon ofwater and we’re just going to change itevenly on to the loop you want to kindof get it into the crevices to not superheavily but you know red is kind of likea sponge so it is going to absorb ofthis a little bit Rises and then when itbakes it’s going to give it a beautifulbrown shade golden brown she will turnout real shiny like if you’ve been tothe if anybody’s ever bought a hollow lofrom bakery that egg in water launchthat you bright shiny finishso we need to set the time the oven at acertain temperature yes and now would bea good time to go ahead and turn on youroven thanks for asking me well we givethis a time to rise a second time sothis will be your second fruit and it’sgoing to probably double inside againand then go ahead and turn your oven on375 degrees Fahrenheitand then in thirty more minutes we canput it in the oven to bake for forthirty minutes so we’ll bake it at 375for thirty minutes after it’s donerising for the second time and they justwanted to show you burn my absence forthat moment I was wanting to get yoursesame seedsthat’s pretty traditional or you havethem poppy seeds as wellthis little black round seeds okay ifyou want to ready can you can finishyour exam I think sprinkling the seedson to Havana is just going to sprinklesesame seeds onto our hollow low againit’s a pretty traditional hopping butyou don’t have to put any topping on ityou want just a grazed little but theglaze is nice because it causes theseeds to adhere very well and they won’tbrush off easily once they’re baked onthen how long did you say that we needto let it rise again before putting inthe oven so traditional typically itwould be another half hour but you’vebeen talking for there’s five minutes atleast so in about 25 minutes we can lookat putting it into the oven so go aheadand turn your ovens on to 375 degreesand you could this is where I deviatefrom conventional wisdom a little bityou could put a damp tea towel over thetop of this to let it rise again I don’treally like to because I have just blazeit and so there’s a nice layer ofmoisture on top of that that shouldn’tdry out too much so I like to just leaveit fit out on my counter as long asthere’s no drafts coming in and dryingeverything out it should be just fineMoisture as it rises okay does that makesense yeah okay great let’s set yourtimer yesthat’s your timer twenty five minutesthere nowokay so just to recap what we did was wedivided our proofed dough into threeequal portion and then we graded adistrict original three strand braidand then we mixed one egg with ateaspoon of water and we use that tobrush on to the dough with a pastrybrushso we evenly coated the exterior of ourdough with the egg wash and then wedecided Hosanna and then we put sesameseeds which is a traditional toppingthat you can put on your pala braid oryou can use the black poppy seeds if youlike you can do nothing if you didn’twant to you can just leave the place andit will be just fine then let’scompletely up to you and what you wantto do and then you turn our oven on 375as our break continues to rise for thenext 25 minutes 25 to 30 minutes andthen gently once some timer goes off andtime to put it into the oven just gentlymove your dough from the counter to theoven turn it to slam it because it cancause it to if it is risen fully itcould cause it visit wait a little bitI’m just gonna be real gentle we’regonna keep moving it to them and then 30minutes later your house is gonna smellglorious you’re gonna be salivating andyou’ll be ready for dinnerthank you for teaching in this bed yeahthank you you guys are amazing studentsI’m really compressed it’s pretty funnywell you’re a great teacher yeah bye

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