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I made healthy pancakes!!! Eggless, sugarless, no maida!! All things healthy *cooking vlog-1*

I hope you enjoy making this yummy and healthy pancakes!! Recipe here⬇️

Pancakes recipe!!

Atta/maida, banana(optional), jaggery powder/sugar, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla essence , cocoa powder(optional), honey(for garnish), ghee

Mix everything in blender and pour it in a pan and let it cook on low to medium flame.

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About me :
I am keerthi, a 21 year old south Indian aspiring to make my mark in the fashion area on youtube.

All the products i recommend have worked for me and that might work for people out there or might not based on your skin !! Everyone’s skin is different so i cant assure everything i recommend would suit everyone out there!!

My skintype :
Combination, super sensitive and acne prone skin

I hope this video helps :p

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Video Transcription

[Music]thank you for stopping byplease subscribe like share and commenton this videohi I am QT welcome to the kiss test sofor today’s week I’m gonna make someyummy pancakes this is going to be moreblocks like this is how I make pancakesand these are sugarless every heavystuff okay so for today’s pancakes I ammaking with an ayah and jaga powder thatcan mix both of them banana and bakingsoda baking powder soap Cashner’sbecause we just ran out of milk and whenwe lessons and some mixer job yeahthat’s what you needinto this mixer jar I’m gonna firstblenders cashew nuts to make some cashyeah let’s do thiseverything is inside this beauty and I’mgonna add a little bit of G so in thisyou can actually add a batter or any oilvegetable oil and stuff but now I’mgonna again because that is the onlything available like this is the batteris the consistency okay[Music][Music][Music][Music]youI’m super anxious to dig my work into itbecause the this turned out to be superfluffy and easy of course so let’s justkeep the area bed slope[Applause]just looks so tasty try for yourselfthis is how I make my pancakes these areextremely ignites sugarless andeverything healthy so if you reallyenjoyed watching this vlog Vanessa Pplease make sure to subscribe to mychannel and like this video comment downbelow or share it to your friends whoare in current time yes we are here toclear some time right so here it is makethis recipe tag me on instagram and therecipe anything you definitely like addyour own options like your own sweetsweet Nordic natural sweetener and stuffso I need to next[Music]

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