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Cooking the world’s tallest pancakes challenge !

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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m trying to eat it with that freakyline cuz you too good of a woman to besad lonely and always cry I think youdeserve better and you should havewhatever baby honey like me coming intoyour life showing you true love I thinkwas perfect time just follow my leadimma put something real you like yeahyeah you areyeah yeah and you know give you a chanceto cook my long time ya know maybe wecan die every day and I use myanyway that’s not the view to be aspooky make it’s Harley panting oh youtell you I’m saying I’m not picking mebetter than you right now that I lookbetter yours not about good looksisn’t that about take exactly if youdon’t look good it can’t be too tightthey don’t know Billy please you gofollow a little yeah some WhataburgerRidge of the penguin water burger Iain’t no will remain that came thatcreate a try look right hereyes it’s Vicki say just at water justadd wateryou only another nothing water whateverchickety you say no these just plantyour baitthere’s already enough pancake mix justfor pranking see in the back you saypancakes so read the directions on thepositive what do you need to put in yourpancakes no I’m gonna make pancakesTwitter no it’s all be the best twocooks make you read one and a half[Music][Music]you smarten up but some type of richerbaked I got no right now I’m going toput my how do you mind is that gonnaholidays on the pop kids with pancakes Igotta make two cooks I don’t think he’sgonna work for me guys this is too much[Applause]for the two good was okay all right I’mgonna put my pancake mix in the butterin a bowl and I mind a guy that’s tenniswith pancakes all right I think the mainpoint into a pen you say we step to afinger the top each other what do youthinkone two three four Maxie said 819 ametal too so maybe I say you guys make alittle moreplease stopI remember my last night that I makepancakes oh you know I don’t see howthis is gonna turn outyes has make pancakes so this is mypleasure I need something to be my bowlaround[Music]sometimes we say with a minnetonka yeahprepared that everything better you gotto go guys all right we are they justcame on thereyou gotta know how you do it shows theyget a wateralright guys so I had some waternow I’m gonna start mixing is going upreal quick yes siroh man I’m so mad come on so beautifulbecause I like real dough oh my god Isee everybody out of it to wit you knowsay you want to chop it up pretty yeahand as you go and put someone in theremy time to the Milton you want to bemilking like the one you have the flatyour pecker be the less water the lightthe flip of your pet gonna be nursing Imean it’ll be nice banking sometimesyeah I think it good know sometimes behonest sometimes like you say you’d bedone when you eat a day not happen[Applause][Applause]Sam will stop in one of the West IndieswaterI don’t understandshe got who is I might eat it RiverKaren will disappear oh I see too[Music]you know all right we’ve got 20 minutesam i picking huh by the time you see myticket student connect the mini pancakesI promiseyeah I’m a sweetie record through phonehave with something anything sighs yeahyou’re right[Music]all right you do it it’s important okayguys so right now it’s that time fostercook and it’s about to go down so wehave our stuff ready ready ready youdoing some I’ve never seen beforeyeah I never see dr. Floyd pantingengine right nothing the package okay ohyeah awkwardoh you use the spray the spray[Applause]so I get that pan need that payment gota nice TVwe don’t have oh oh[Music]that’s about to go down in the kitchenwith honor forwardto these other guys that limo no I saidI’m gonna using the right material forthese who do baby so nice they’re readyoh oh no I did go in so now please okayokay let me so I think any animal waterhereyes sirbut they like bubblegumoh look at your videos that we gonnafail yesyeah we really could bet we really cookbetterdon’t take this photo we did do it rightnow I guess for look I’m better than youwe don’t have too much time to prep youdon’t good begging for a good thing Ican’t even comment dosa okay so theymines ready now trip for youokay okay cook it right now why you pickit up tomorrowyou guys smell my pancake my pancakes I feel I can be cooking two at atime huh- afonya and Tamela here on trackshould I say how this to mapokay I’m here all right asshole oh thankyou want so you can add another fabulousweekend to pack it in your beauty beautymy baby now so yeah I’m gonna take mytime and I hope you know we all got emstyle you know play PeterI only the Barbie in my little brotherright nowright hey yo cakey it’s not melike the the bread they might done toyou oh yeah what else can you say thisboy I gotta see it yeah okay good talkabout us and stop[Music]okay let me go for 10 minutesyes sir so guys right now 1 2 3 4 5 6 10cakeyou hear me I append okay right nowdon’t see anything oh my godcut my hand got burnt in a heartbeat itbrought me bad I’ll be a bad ifvirginity I’m like burnt by a pot infront of me we’re gonna cut of thatpancake though that something’s gonnafreeI go lasya my pink that come way betterthan what I thought honestly I wake uphe has too much going on over there Ithink I’m almost out of here back hejust made two more packets and I will bedone with mine I’m actually gonna tastemy separate among their own good and thegood clicking everythinghey how about you oh yeah they will beexcellent though exam you think I’ll doit over here right now I’ve art myselfyou’re bad you got six Emmys I hate thatme yes siroh mighty a packet guys yeah John acoupie yeah I’m gonna make it two moreI’m attend to our seventeen are totally see the penny I you oh my in mylife[Music]bangI’ll be real quick I pop them into apancake token we’re gonna try to see wedon’t come back we’ll show you the finalI’m going to actually taste of a singlepacket as you take the base on my feetwhen I make it we’ll be right back withtau hi guys so we have a package doneand I actually what they call it pettivery fat you have that package and mypackage our beer like small small Wowyou got I have two pancakes so I wantedto be kept or oh three four five sixseven hey I got I got one two three fourfive six seven eight nine 18 with nightI seem to pick it on the tallest and yesis gonna be the challenge okayall right ready so we are reallystepping over to see the toilet makesure you can spare time not touching mylove I’ll give you all okay you just putin the other way like these the smallwasn’t talk will you cheat it sinkingbalance yeah I got you oh yeah right allright Gladys follow me okay well this isgood wait no yeah this night you put iton top it will see but me Vitalyyou see I ride I ride up guitar put insome ways to make sugar I don’t want tocheat I’ll miss you though right withwhen you leave that night book you seehere idiot because does it matter thatcould the night was not evening see okaythe bottom is not even are you writingRoger place I see it smaller that’salways helped me you I shall not top andtaste it doesn’t eat since I already solet me get my pressed paper a quick[Music]I’m gonna try these officer oh my packetunder this bonus are we could you go seethat that service just had me doing thecommercials they had a pecky just youknow all tall and stuff and they behaving sir yes sirI mean look what you got oh no buddy youtry though I might take my pick it outreal quicksee she’s got going sighs I’ll take adownsizeWhataburger pancakes so I got sirnot in this was our survey it’s driftingdown why I missing itI’ll take this one oh my dog could goyou know all right so they tryno doubt today dude mm-hmm so yeahanyway though I didn’t have what withthis morning that’s crazy part about Ihaven’t missed a walk with your toasterbut nothing like this weather because Ithis is a right good cook so was ita go to one meal on this channel sectorfor more couldn’t block challengeseverything you know we got your wet goodcontact $20 – we’ll do a nip-tuck ago Ihelped you achieve no wait I wanna tocook what I want to see us to pick youguys can’t turn it off that you got todo it da mi histogram dine decisionalong the octet so that who reads ourmessaging would I see what you guys arefirst to cook so we’ll do it we are forthis video if you guys enjoyed we willsee ya

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