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Video Transcription

to make some chocolate pancakes I lovechocolate okay so these and things aregonna need you’re going to need somedark chocolate powder some strawberryjam sugar flour eggs spatula lighterwhisk mixing bowl and one of them fryingpan and someone to cook it on firstwe’re gonna stop the sugar there we go Iactually forgot that you need milk I’lldo maybe a little more AshleyI’ll definitely now we can add sugarthat much there we go flour plain willdo not following a recipe just aboutthat much enough for the eggs I’m notattempting to do that one-handed so I’llbe right back now that the eggs are inwe’re gonna add a chocolate change ofplanswe’re gonna mix it first okay so I’m notsure that she that’s meant to look likethat like it’s quite bubbly also it’slike quite lumpy still not sure if youcan see they’re not but now we’re goingto add the chocolate right that’s quitea lot actuallyum this could go horribly wrong thiswill go horribly wrong horribly wrong Ican’t cook just I’m putting out therenow that’s done almost it’s like quitethick now so we should be good so that’sall that’s just heating up let’s pour itinto here actually for a pancake mix itlooks alright and now for a little thisI don’t get me wrong I love pancakesthey’re like my favorite thing to eatyou know for a long enough it’s likenearly 12 right now it’s like two threeminutes 12 yeah I’m gonna get cleaned uplet that cook yeahit’s bubbling or is that just becauseit’s not donethink that’s because it’s not done yeahwell it didn’t get to plan that’s theone I just made looks like a pile of pooI can imagine this one’s gonna be nobetter we’ll try anyway but yeahwhatever okay didn’t go to planyeah I’m probably just gonna get to themost satisfying bit of the video to behonest okay here we go the mostsatisfying bit of the video well theywill be for me when I rewatched thisfootage okay probably just going to editthis video and make it the title how notto make pancakes yeah I probably shouldupload cuz I haven’t done it in a whileyeah I’m gonna have some lunch ordersready cheese sandwich or something havesome fish and chips I don’t knowoh they take away only to cool them inthis phone because that’s what I’mrecording on right I’m gonna order atakeaway as you know I don’t know I’vegot loads of money at the moment oh yesyes I’m going to order a takeaway lookat dominoes I’m gonna go we’ll see youguys in the next one

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