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How to make quick simple delicious pancakes/waffles

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Video Transcription

what are you doing hello and welcome tomy channel we are making pancakes herewith Olivia when we are cooking I likeOliver to participate- so that’s gonna enjoy the food whatare you making Olivia oh you likepancakes so as you can see we’ve got amixture yeah it’s all done this is thepancake flour and then I mix it withthis all-purpose flour and in themixture we are very juice half bananablueberries milk and two eggs so as youcan see I have my pancake maker whereall our foam maker and it’s hot alreadyI will just put and there goes it takeslike four pieces at a time so I’ll putit in and it’s hot already alreadyconnected it yes we gonna make pancakestake my studio[Music][Music]after you put everything in here makesure it’s all covered so that the hooterbreak drops in it so I’m trying to comeup there holes to fill in the gaps andthen you close it so that they’ll cookboth sides you have to close it and thenyou have to wait for a few minutes morestraight goes for three to six minutesand as we wait it’s cooking us as youcan see it’s cooking now you’ll be readysoon[Music]you make the pancakes you wanna show meright that’s what you’re gonna for snack[Music]

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