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How To Make Yummy Nigerian Pancakes

Nigerian Pancakes also known as Diet is a Nigerian snack loved by many


All purpose flour

Baking powder






It’s a breakfast recipe you will love🥰

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone how he doing hope youkeep me safe hope you’re doing wellplease let’s be safe so Chi see mypancake will be D pancake today andbefore then I will show you the pleasureof using I will make I’ll be usingnutmeg 1/2 TSP of nutmeg grated nutmegI’ll be using baking powder 1 teaspoonof baking powder I’ll be using milk 3tbsp of milk I’ll make use of salt 1/2teaspoon of saltI’ll be using 3 tbsp of sugar for mypancake then this pancake is a specialone I’ll be using vegetables’ likecolors like green pepper onions redpepper I’ll be using 2 eggs I’ll be I’llbe using 1 cup of all-purpose flourand then I’ll be the water I willmeasure my water and say in the amountand are we used for my pancakeso now I’m saving my a purposeful uhafter sieving I’ll be adding my we canpulled up added medic Impala I did mymilkI did my milkI did my sugar I did mention some othermethods make nowso after other may not make our add mythoughts I let my sort now suffer underthoughts you miss altogetherso mixing them together now I’m missingthem now I what I’m missingso yeah mix them together South set itaside aside and gets a bull I’ll pour mybiggie so GU since I did go I’msupporting my vegetable I will add myegg – I didn’t eat now mix them verywell then I’ll add water so guys whatare you we use depends on the consolefeel like I’m making one cup sub usinglike 400 means of water as you can seeso that’s what I made I used someatomizer and I’m mixing as I’m addinglittle by little so you add your flourlittle by little and say I didn’t evenmixing so that’s what I’m doing now soso guys does the consistency by God Ibelieve that this consistency is verygood for pancake that’s how I alwayslove my pancake to look like that justas suddenly wow I love it then the nextthing is to start frying a pancake okayenjoying the video mission subscribeonce I do I just a little oil to greaseyour pan you add your pancake mixEdea pancake me just watch it once it’ssaid on the top you see you just see howyou two look like once it’s set on thetop you’ll flip to the other side ofAIDS and keep trying see you try to yoursatisfaction so guys it’s that’s how itcame out so lovely so delicious so guysthat’s how I make my pancake thank youfor watching see the outcome thank youbye bye[Music]

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