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How to make strawberry pancake

strawberry pancake
1 tea spoon of vanilla
1/2 cup (125g)of caster sugar
5 eggs
 1 table spoon of melted butter
 2 and1/2 cup (625ml) of milk
 3 cup (750g)of self raising flour

serving with

ice cream
strawberry topping or couli
Icing sugar

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome to cooking with the
brown chef today I’m gonna show you how
to do a strawberry pancake if you follow
my other video called how to make a
butter pancake so again you guys can
find it out how to make a batter for the
pancake so first of all what I’m gonna
do I’m gonna use my ready-made batter to
make the bell packet base so then let’s
go with that I’m gonna make a two stack
of pancake and then I’m gonna place up
here nicely so now I’m gonna show you
how to do the base for the pancake with
my batter already made first of all
you’ll heat up the pan and use the oil
spray make sure you put take out the pan
from the stove otherwise you’re gonna
catch the fire it’s for the safety
reason safety is important guys so you
can hold the spray and heat it up the
pan as you see already pan heated now
I’m gonna put the batter into the pan
make sure you cover the bottom of the
pan so that’s the right amount to make
the packet it’s gonna depend you guys
because you’re gonna use a different
type of pan that’s fine with that but
make sure you cover the bottom of the
pan and let it cook for a couple of
minutes and then you’re gonna flip it
over and make sure you use the low beam
lower low flame to cook this one and
make sure you put the right amount of
grace and let it let it cook and see
after a couple of minutes we’re gonna
flip it over and yeah okay look this is
the stage we’re gonna flip the pancake
to the other side see as you can see
it’s around the pancakes color change
and you can see the bubbles air bubbles
coming up through the pancake then
you’re gonna flip it over so this is how
it’s gonna be
yes that’s a wait look at that color
that’s a perfect color it’s beautiful so
let it cook the other side same as these
then you’re gonna get the pancake and
plate it out first of all I’m gonna
introduce my ingredients the fresh stove
it up here and strawberry coulis or
strawberry topping you can go to the
supermarket and you can buy it very
cheaply or if you know happy it
strawberry coulis or strawberry topping
you just can use the maple syrup and the
icing sugar for the garnish these are
the simple ingredients we need for
making the strawberry pancake so my two
stack of pancakes base is ready so what
I’m gonna do I’m gonna plate it up
nicely so first step is get the packet
base and place up nicely
this one is look nice so I’m gonna put
the top of that other pancake and I’m
gonna cut the strawberry into the four
pieces make sure you get the green color
off but make sure you use the green
color to garnish the strawberry pancake
so I’ll show you how to do it
I’m gonna put the chunk of ice cream on
top of it vanilla ice cream if you’re
feel freedom with mascarpone cheese or
whipped cream it’s up to you guys as you
like it so I’m gonna use the vanilla ice
cream and put the top of the pancake
then I’m gonna spread up some fresh
strawberry around it I try to do
something different on the top of the
ice cream so to give the nice look after
I place the strawberry so now I’m gonna
put strawberry coulis and then I’m gonna
garnish with the green which I took her
from the strawberry then I’m gonna
garnish with some icing sugar here you
guys it’s ready to eat now the exercise
thanks for watching me thanks for
subscribing me cookie the brown chef
this is how you’re gonna do the
strawberry pancake it’s nice and simple
and you can make at your home and please
guys please do subscribe me recommend me
with your friends and that will be the
great help you can get you to me and see
you guys see with a different video and
different dishes see it seems fine

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